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  1. gonzo

    kalamazoo area

    Definitly check out Big Air. Last year they changed owners and the track is awesome.
  2. gonzo

    Michigan Mafia Mx Championship Series

    So is this the new MMC? I like the single day format.
  3. gonzo

    McCulloch's Pro-MX

    So what's changed on the track?
  4. gonzo

    Dr.D pipe can you make it 96 db

    The only insert they have for it is a spark arrestor that doesnt really quiet the pipe that much.
  5. gonzo

    How the hell does everyone do this?

    I've never had good luck with the aftermarket ones. I bought the motion pro tool and I use the bit from the tool and a 9mm 1/4" socket. Works great, also works well for changing the pilot jet without rotating the carb.
  6. gonzo

    ATTN:YZ450F owners

    I broke mine on my 03 450. That was funny. I was able to use the starter to kick teh bike but I coiuldnt get it stay on. I would start my bike on the line and then hand the starter to my buddy. I stalled it once and my buddy ran half way across the track with my kickstarter in his hand. I started my bike and he took off again with it.
  7. gonzo

    2007 450 cold starting

    Thanks, I rode it today and I have to change the jet back to the 45. I was spitting fire all over the track and not in a good way.
  8. gonzo

    2007 450 cold starting

    As a general rule I always give the bike a couple twists first to prime the motor. I can usually start on the first or 2nd kick with that. The bike was stock to start to with so turning the fuel screw was from what ever position that was. I ended up doing something a little dangerous. I parked my big rolling 80 gallon trash can about 4 feet from the bike and drapped an old sheet across. Then I put my kerosene heater under that for about 45 minutes. It still didnt start. Then I turned the fuel screw back in a full turn and it started on the 2nd kick (Wow is quiet compared to my RMZ450 with a Dr D pipe). My neighbors are probably not happy but they wont be at 9 am tommorow either when I start it again.
  9. Well I am back to the blue side again. I just picked up an 07. I am going to ride it tommorow indoors but I would like to at least start it once. It has been started one time at the dealer and thats it. I am having trouble other wise. I put a 48 pilot in (in the past a 45 helped on my 03 that I had) but I am still having issues. I've tried adjusting the fuel screw as well. With the 45 I went out a full turn and I have gone as far as a full turn with the 48. I am not really looking for perfect jetting just get it started. Have these bikes gotten harder to start since 03? I dont remember having this much trouble. I was always the guy starting my bike on the 2nd kick year round.
  10. gonzo

    07 yz450f

    I just paid 6700 yesterday.
  11. gonzo

    Finally Tried Race Gas.....

    Have you tried Planet? I've always bought it there for like 50 bucks for a 5 gallon.
  12. gonzo

    05, 06 or 07? 450

    How does the bike feel compared to the 05? Is it a little thinner and lighter feeling?
  13. gonzo

    Ergo's 05-07

    How much have the ergo's changed on the bike in the 07's? Do they still feel a little bulky compared to the rest?
  14. gonzo

    Throttle Grip, what gives

    or 12 bucks for a new one.
  15. gonzo

    McCulloch's Pro-MX

    The only suggest I could make is to make the whoops bigger or get rid of them. I know there would only be a few then but ones that were in there the day I rode were more stutter bumps than whoops. Even the little bikes didnt look like they were liking them too much. They are just too small and choppy. Also the jumps against the wall were pretty worn down but I liked the layout. I just wish they would have been a little bigger.