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    Frequency of fork oil change

    I have 2005 that's ridden on jeep trails and fire roads about 2 weeks a year and at a local MX track maybe twice a month. The MX riding is not in competition, just for fun. Don't do a lot of jumps either. Too old for that stuff. I know what the Honda manual says about maintaining forks and dampers but it seems like overkill for the kind of riding I do. What's your experience with frequency of fork and damper oil changes?
  2. twalktfd

    Throttle Response

    My 2005 does not have smooth throttle response off idle. Under low throttle the power does not come in linearly or smoothly. It's also difficult to precisely control engine speed at low RPMs. This makes low speed maneuvers (hills, obstacles, etc.) where precise engine speed is required difficult. Do I have a carburetor adjustment problem or is this the nature of the beast given the radical cam and high compression ratio?