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  1. not sure thats the thing! took the motor topend apart last year.
  2. Can someone please tell me where this goes!!!!
  3. Hey guys Im trying to figure out where to mount the hour meter on my bike. Where and how do you guys have yours hooked to your bikes? Also can someone tell me the right about of oil for each sides of the cases. Thanks guys:ride:
  4. My uncle traded in his chevy 3/4 ton for a toyota /2 ton about 6 months ago and has had nothing but problems with it. He is actually trading in the toyota for the chevy he traded in 6 months ago
  5. Theres a few guyS on here the swear by MDR. I believe the website is... I HAD IT WRONG THE GUY BELOW HAS IT RIGHT.
  6. id stay away from yf250f but as for the kx i had one cant really complain but honda is better
  7. ok so your basing this on the scoring on the cam lobs right? if thats the case can you take a look at picture number 2 and tell me about the scoring in the journals. Iv never had issues this extreme
  8. I have a JE high comp awaiting to be put in. What concerns you about the cam? the cylinder looks like new. i have yet to inspect the rod but will. When i inspect the rod what should i be looking for? why would the valve be in spec and hitting my piston?
  9. yes your right it is the left intake sorry and thanks for the catch.
  10. Piston Cam journals Valves Cam I have a few questions, The rocker bearing doesn't seem to spin freely is this because it is not supposed to spin freely or is it toasted? Should i be concerned with the amount of scoring on the cam? Before taking the head off the valve were in spec +/- .01 as said maybe be in the book. What should i do to solve the problem with the right intake? Lastly my dad would like to know if theres any different valve specs to go with a je hc piston?
  11. what will a job by Ron run me?
  12. Im redoing my bike and was wondering if anyone knew any names of a good shop to cut the valve seats and maybe do some porting and polish.
  13. i called and ordered mine last night right as they were changing the price. But if you need it you need it so what you going do?
  14. Iv done plenty of motors on my kaw. Just first time going deep into a honda other than a 50. I have one last question, Im not going be able to afford a cam right now but should i still use the after market faction valve kit for the intake and the 07 for the exhaust .
  15. SAME HERE nothing bad to say. had the bike since aug 06 and riding hard every time i get one it. ill be replacing the piston this month with the je high comp