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  1. the four of us here are going to leave about 10pm tues should arrive thursday 3am where should we go to get a spot near to where the fun riding is without being in a huge crowd
  2. so you can just setup and camp anywhere? no fees?
  3. 4 of us are driving down to glamis from mn on the 17 so well get there on the 19. was thinking of going up to superstition or ocotillo for a few days at the end of the trip heading back on the 29. never been to any badlands/desert areas is the riding worth leaving the dunes? where can i find campng? and info helpfull thanks
  4. #9 in the last fiche is the one which has splines ony on the outermost portion of the internal opening. there is no way i got that backwards
  5. not to sound like an ass but it is together correctly for sure. im a ford master tech and the pressure springs have a place to sit on the inner piece and the basket. it isnt even possable to flip this over and get it to go together because of the springs that go sideways. it has to have been miss built. i found a complete clutch for 120+- but i might as well spend another 50 and get a complete motor. im tryin to get a sikk 125 motor, is the clutch the same on this motor? if i dont find a cheap (like 20-30$) part its getting welded together:mad:
  6. so my inner clutch is misbuilt and i need a new one correct? does anyone want to sell me just this part? also the outer plate with the bearing that is pressed against to release clutch came loose and teh holes are hogged out and gasket is missing. anyone know where i can get this gasket and plate? thanks precision50 for helping me out!! i thought i knew what the problem is just second guessed myself cause ive never had one apart before.
  7. isnt the inner clutch part supposed to spline onto the crank? has anyone ever seen this issue?? please help me:banghead:
  8. thanks for responding!! the clutch will sit on the gear that sits on the oiler on the crank ok, it fully engages into the teeth of the clutch fibers. but the inner part of the clutch hub doesnt sit onto the crank splines. so if i hold it in place it will turn when kicking over but will not turn the crank there are very helpfull exploded views on that i wish i had found a couple days ago. thanks to outlaw for the info
  9. also anyone know what this is it was sitting loose in the case when i pulled off the side cover. screw driver bit is for scale, it was not in the case
  10. there was some metal on the crank splines, but not very much. inside the clucht it looks like they were never machined into it.its almost perfectly smooth, afew scratches from repetedly kicking it over when it let go. does anybody have a clutch for a zong 107 they want to get rid of? all i need is the inner part of the clutch. or where could i find one?
  11. look at my pics and tell me wtfu?! just got my first pit bike its ssr 110 dx3 or 125 im not sure, its the steel mono shock swing arm, with 12" and 14" wheels. bike died, kicks over but wont turn crank, i took off right side cover and found outer part of clutch loose and gasket gone, also retaining nut was off. went to put back together and the center of the clutch is supposed to spline to the crank but the splines are only on the very outside edge and dont go far enough in to fit teh crank. what do i do? is the clutch built wrong? also i noticed that there is a smaller gear on teh crank with a key way but no keyway on the crank. this gear is in contact with a plastic gear thats behind what appears to be the oil pump. is this the oil pump drive? shouldnt it be solid to the crank? any healp greatly appreciated
  12. i just got the bike on sat night ($360) rode it before i bought it, everything worked, some noise from clutch but it went away after warm. im pissed off and trying to figure out if i got hosed(probably) i looks identicle to a ssr 110 dx3 except it has 14"12". does this bike come with theses wheels? i have no manual and would like any links to a parts fich, or exploded view to see if its worth trying to get this motor running or just buy a complete?
  13. when i kick it over in gear it moves forward but the engine wont turn over. i started it put it in first and it died and teh kicker doesnt seem to engage anything unless its in gear. i pulled the right side case and behind the clutch there is a small gear (looks like its supposed to drive the plastic gear that i think is the oil pump) that has a keyway but there is no keyway on the crank. is there anywere i can get an exploded view of this motor? how can i tell if its a zongshen or jianjian( whatever its called)? also a part of the clutch basket sepparated and the gasket is gone (chewd up in case) where can i find this? please help:bonk:
  14. i just got an older big gun complete exhaust and looked on big guns website and it only shows a 178 main for this pipe and says nothing about any other changes. do i need to change other jets as well?? thanks for any help never messed with jetting on a 4stroke before