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  1. Brad Broadus

    2006 kx 250 vibration

    I ride an '05 KX250 - the vibration took some getting used to but is no problem now. Not sure how much time is on your bike, but you might consider replacing the handlebar mount rubbers (2 on each side). I got mine from the dealer, not expensive at all. I also installed soft Scott grips - this helped but they wear pretty quickly.
  2. Brad Broadus

    Some 05 KX250 questions

    I purchased a used '05 KX250 back in May, absolutely love the bike. I installed a 13oz. SFB FWW, FMF TC2 spark arrestor/silencer and new bars, other than that she is stock. The stock suspension works very well when set up properly for the rider's weight. In a recent enduro I made it to the first gas stop at 32 miles with no problem and had maybe a qt. of fuel remaining. I run Klotz Techniplate at 36:1 with premium fuel. I have not fouled any plugs. I have had no problems with the bike at all. If I could run across a deal like you're talking about I would probably buy it just to have a spare.
  3. Brad Broadus

    Kx500 Riders

    You haven't seen my g/f!
  4. Brad Broadus

    1991 kx250 carb problem

    Wish I could help you, bud. It does sound like a float issue, though. You might try contacting the folks at James Dean, they're knowledgable and very friendly (sorry, I don't have a number but you can look it up on the web). Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  5. Brad Broadus

    oil to fuel ratio

    I run premium gas mixed at 36:1 with Klotz Techniplate. I run 1st and 2nd gear tight trails with no plug fouling whatsoever. As a matter of fact, when my KTM bud saw my plug (we had to pull it out for the FWW install) he remarked that he couldn't believe that plug came out of a 2-stroke! Back in the day I used Klotz when MXing my CR125 and I was about the only local racer that sufferred no engine siezures. My $0.02 worth.
  6. Brad Broadus

    KX500 vid (new dirt rider on my 5)

    Roger that, I have enough trouble hanging on to my 250 when the dreaded arm pump rears its ugly head. It's getting better all the time, though - the 13 oz. FWW really helps.
  7. Brad Broadus

    Leftover 04 and 05 KX 250

    They went to the dual-chamber KYB fork in '05 - from what I've read it's a much better fork than the '04 model. Couldn't be happier with my '05.
  8. Brad Broadus

    KX500 vid (new dirt rider on my 5)

    My cousin had a KX500. He sold it because he said it scared him too much, to which I replied "yeh, its a MAN bike". Anybody out there ever ridden one (successfully) in the woods? Kinda gives you enormous respect for Wardy, doesn't it?
  9. Brad Broadus

    KX250 front end washing out

    I had that problem with my KX250 until I set the sag properly for my weight. I run 11psi in the front. No more problems.
  10. Brad Broadus

    KX250 "woods" mods?

    I recently purchased an '05 KX250 that I use exclusively for trail riding (mostly tight stuff). I have installed a 13oz. FWW and now I'm wondering how I got along w/o it. Major improvement in the tight stuff. I also went to a 52T sprocket, I know it's only one tooth larger, but the stock chain guide won't permit a larger sprocket unless you can keep the axle in the back half of its adjustment travel. I have ridden this bike in the tight stuff for about 30hours now, and continue to be impressed. No fouled plugs, excellent handling with stock springs. I have set the sag and played around a bit with the clickers, however. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine.
  11. Brad Broadus

    KX 250 Understeer..?

    My poor KX250 has to carry my 240lb. arse through the sand, but does so quite well. I have my sag set to 98mm and the comp. and rebound clickers are 90% to the soft side (can't remember the exact settings right now) on the front and rear. No problem.
  12. Care to expound on the results of adding the 13 oz. FWW? I'm considering one, but my '05 KX250 (13/50) isn't really all that bad in the tights. Thanx.
  13. Brad Broadus

    Reliable Parts House?

    Thank you, Valerie. I'm gonna check you out.
  14. Brad Broadus

    Stock gas tank size?

    That's cool. How do you like the 10 oz. FWW? I was considering a 13oz.
  15. Brad Broadus

    Stock gas tank size?

    Not sure about the '95, but the '05 looks similar and its capacity is 2.2 gal. Whether or not you need a larger tank completely depends on how and where you ride. I ride mostly tight stuff, so I can ride for about an hour on a gallon of fuel.