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  1. case savers dont always save them. I saw somebody at the local track with a cracked case from the chain and leaking oil out of the shifter. And that was with the case saver on it. he was on a suzuki quadsport 400
  2. Im sure if you pushed it off a cliff it would get up to a reasonably fast speed.
  3. If you do, tell me how it goes. I'm having a problem with over heating and bogging, so i am thinking the carb is to blame.
  4. same here, can a kit be aquired through a honda dealership?
  5. I'm looking for the same thing, except for my 1998 xr200. same carb im guessing.
  6. Yamaha

    Are you jumping it?
  7. Yamaha

    my friends tops out at around 65 mph. we took it on the highway. we just dont mention it was on a trailer.
  8. Yamaha

    Thats how Blasters have it. back left side.
  9. What color is the smoke?? Blue= oil = the piston rings arent stopping the oil from getting in.
  10. Yamaha

    im 14, weigh 120 and am 5'7. I have a blaster. It rocks.
  11. XR200, maybe?
  12. Yamaha

    Go for the banshee. :-D
  13. Yamaha

    Take off the seat, there is an oil container in the back. When you take off the seat, if you are behind it there will be a black rubber cover that says oil to your left. Put the two stroke oil specified in it, untill the container is near full.
  14. Yamaha

    I've heard of the popping on some bikes to be from the exhaust having an air leak. Not sure if this is true with yours. People have used high temp red silicone to fix this. I think thats right. Double check.
  15. Wanna buy it when im done restoring it?