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  1. I have the LYNX with the “remote” on my ’06 450X. I love it. The remote option allows you to use it to keep track of the number of laps with the press of a button (right next to your kill switch). It will tell you the ave speed per lap, distance per lap, the time for each lap etc. I bought the cast magnesium “dash” and installed it in less than an hour (hardwired to the battery so it is back-lit). The fact it keeps track of the hours has been great. I am looking at the vapor-if it has the remote option I may upgrade so I can have the aluminum dash. I broke the mag dash after about 10 hours of riding—it simply fatigued and broke--no crash damage. The folks at Trail Tech took care of it—good experience. Don’t mix up the LYNX the Endurance, and the Vapor! I believe the dash is specific to the model… I think it was money well spent.—my 2 cents.
  2. Bell Guy

    O ring for jet kit

    Thanks for the pic... Perfect. I just wrapped up the project with that bit of help. Can hardly wait to get out and try it on the trails. Thanks for a great product. Bell Guy
  3. Bell Guy

    O ring for jet kit

    James, Any chance you could direct me to, or post a nice clear pic of how the o-ring is supposed to wrap around the accelerator pump linkage and screw? I can’t quite make it out in the pic I received with your jetting instructions. Thanks in advance! --Bell Guy