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  1. Yamaha

    What type of aftermarket pipe do you recommend? I've been looking at the HMF utlity series pipe with the quite core. What do you think?
  2. I just got my new Grizzly and am interested in upgrading the tires and clutch. My question is if anyone has experienced any problems with the EPI clutch kit for 2000-6000' when running under 2000'. I spoke with the lady from EPI and she said that the bike may be a bit sluggish under the 2000' foot mark. Anyone experience this? Please let me know....
  3. Yamaha

    I just purchased a Grizzly and am interested in the Mud Lite xtr 27x14-9/27x14-11 tires and wheels. I am curious if anyone has had issues with them rubbing on anything. Also, what type of aftermarket exhaust would you recommend? I heard the hmf, but what do you think?