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  1. Just bought a 230 F and will be spending a few months on the Cape. Would like to bring bike if there is place to ride. Anyone know?
  2. Exactly right. All these replies have been helpful in that they confirmed my preliminary belief. While it may be fun to mess around with the bike, it doesn't make economic sense to spend big bucks on mods. For perspecitive, I would contrast this situation with modding some cars. As an example, I own an '01 Miata w/sport package, puchased new. This car is an absolute blast to drive as is. I'll be adding an FM II turbo (having already installed new heavy duty clutch and roll bar) soon. Total cost of car was $18k (I get supplier discount). Mods will cost another $6k. Horsepower will increase to approximately 220 at the wheels. Car will retain OEM "driveability" but hit 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. If I decide to sell car, I will get a premium versus non-turbo (allthough turbo system will suffer greater depreciation than car) and could always sell turbo system separate from car. For $24 grand, no OEM vehicle will be able to touch it, including a stock WRX (not STI). Well, I look forward to using my new 230F and will just have to see if it satisfies me. If not, a very-well maintained bike will be for sale in a year or so and I'll be looking for a new 250F.
  3. OK, this is my first post and I just purchased a new CRF 230F so I don't know nothin yet. Just the same, I do plan on doing inexpensive upgrades to the 230F such as the removal of intake and exhaust restrictions and associated re-jetting but I just don't see the economics of doing expensive suspension or engine modifications. You pay a whole lot to do these upgrades and you'll never get it out in resale price. Seems to me, would be much better to just sell the 230F and buy a new CRF 250. My 230 F cost $3,200 and the same dealer is selling the CRF 250 for $5,000. Given this differential and the fact that modifications tend to hurt rather than increase resale, I wouldn't even consider mods over $200 or so for the 230 F. In fact, I suspect that even if you were willing to drop $2k on the 230 F, you would end up with a bike that would still be inferior to the 250 F! OK, now tell me where I am wrong.