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  1. mean green 67

    seat foam

    Factory Effex sells seat foam.
  2. Is it OK to Helicoil the large drain hole? The factory drain hole threads are not solid. There is a hole/opening in the middle of the threads that oil drains out of.
  3. mean green 67

    Some Up/Down Play in the Connecting rod...

    It needs a crank rebuild.
  4. mean green 67

    07 forks on a 06

    No problem, I have had my '08 forks/shock on my '06 and vise versa.
  5. mean green 67

    KX450F Clutch

    06 thru 08 are the same. Not sure about the 09.
  6. mean green 67

    need some help/info for rebuild. (4 stroke)

    There really isn't much INSIDE the cases. Just the tranny, which is VERY basic, and the crank. I used the service manual and the exploded parts diagram on Motosports' website when I rebuilt my '06 engine.
  7. mean green 67

    2006 KX450 crank

    The gear drives the balancer.
  8. mean green 67

    Crank Bearings question

    I had the oven at 350 degrees, and that was plenty hot.
  9. mean green 67

    Crank Bearings question

    The bearings are pressed into the cases. The crank slides into the bearings, it is not press fit. If you put the cases in the oven and the bearings in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes each, the bearings will drop right into the cases.
  10. mean green 67

    2006 KX450 crank

    I just put an '07 crank in my '06. The only thing different is the gear behind the flywheel. I replaced the '06 gear with an '08 gear. You are right, many, many people had crank problems with their '06 KX450's.
  11. mean green 67

    Oil Leak/Noise...09 KXF450

    Hug it out, bitches.
  12. mean green 67

    '06 Footpegs fit '09 450?

    Those pegs are '06 only. They will probably fit if you install the mounts and pins too. There have been many reports of the mounts breaking, so I wouldn't recommend them. I put '07 mounts and wide Sunline steel pegs on my '06.
  13. mean green 67

    2006 shock on a 2007 kx450

    Yes. I had my 06 suspension on my 08, while the 08 suspension was being revalved.
  14. mean green 67

    Parts Interchangeability?

    I have an '06 and '08. Everything other than cases, oil pumps, and some tranny parts are interchangeable. The triple clamps, air filters, and pull rod will switch over. Not sure if the pull rod is necessary. I think the 07' and 08' stock pull rods are the same length as the '06 PC pull rod. Although, the PC looks better and is probably lighter.
  15. mean green 67

    Parts Interchangeability?

    Pretty much everything fits between the 06' and 08'. The 09' isn't out yet, but going on looks alone, I doubt much of the 06' to 08' parts will fit.