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  1. I got mine from thumpertalk store , 02 520 exc.Works great.
  2. I think the background color refers to the number plate background colors.
  3. I just got some blues for my 03 525.I got them really quick, but i'd say email him to see if he has what you need in stock or you'll be waiting for weeks to get your order shipped from Italy.
  4. Whats an acceptable friction disc thickness?I'm about to install a rekluse and gonna have it appart anyway.
  5. I have an 02 520 also.If you have a hydraulic clutch the lever adjuster is just that.It only adjust the distance of the lever from the bar.Warm up the bike in nuetral and it should stop stickinging.It's just a KTM thing.
  6. I gotta say I if they were going to pay you to have fun like that how long would it take for you to sell out too.I just think he needs to kick the producers in the nutz.
  7. Jb weld will hold untill you brake it off again.I've jb'd mine twice.I do use mine at higher altitudes just to add air for easier starts.
  8. I started off this map to find out what is a legal entrance/exit for a plated vehicle and to put together a map of legal trails.I'm with you all, It's practically my b-yard too.Some recently used fire roads(I can tell there recent by all the recycleable plastic bottles left behind) are hard to tell if they're legal roads or hiking paths.Along with a map being needed, howbout marking trails too.
  9. the trails in red are closed.Silverado trail and Harding trail,maple springs is closed too.I havn't explored the whole mountain yet so if anyone has something to add about the trails best entrances from both sides connecting trails not mapped or away.
  10. That's funny you'd recommend that:banana:
  11. Sounds to me like you might want to check out the 690 enduro.....
  12. try tightening every third spoke all the way around and then start again till you've tightened them all.I use a feeler of some kind to keep the wheel hub in the middle.hope that helps
  13. check out these warp 9's read the small print at the bottom
  14. lmao