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  1. lostcoast

    48 states bike

    In your opinion is it worth the time and effort. Sounds like if its is done incorrectly, it could severly damage the bike.
  2. lostcoast

    48 states bike

    Bought a street legal 02' xr 400 and it has a breather separator on it. As seen on page 1-22 in the Honda OEM service manual. How much is this California regulation restricting my bike. If so, has anyone removed it, and with what results?
  3. lostcoast

    Sudco carb on 02' xr 400

    Yes, I live at about 200' and ride between 500' and 2000'. Mostly ride out in Pozo where it sometimes gets into the high 90's. So you suggest doing the modifications first and seeing how the bike runs there after........ Since i wasn't the one who changed the carb, would anyone know where i can get aftermarket jets for the sudco carbs. I visited their website and it provides part numbers but no way of ordering anything. I'd like to the get the manual with the exploded pictures and descriptions as well. Any other information would be appreciated. Thanx guyz.
  4. lostcoast

    Sudco carb on 02' xr 400

    Hello, Recently purchased an 02' xr 400 with an aftermarket mikuni or (sudco racing carb). Pretty sure its a smoothbore TM 36. Part #001 240. I'd like to uncork the bike a little by taking out the snorkel and puting on an aftermarket white bros E2 pipe. Not exactly sure what jets are in the carb now, but im expecting i will need to change them after the mods. Any ideas where to start......