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    3 Kings at the Crazy Miner - 10/28 Family Enduro Report

    Hi all- I'm new to Ttalk, but rode the crazy miner as well. I had a great ride going until I was bit by the crowds on the trails. I wrote this little blurb about the ride- it sounds a lot like the other posts, so I wan't the only one held up. Short ride report- The Crazy Miner Family Enduro I’m not sure if any other VTR people were there, but I rode the Crazy Miner Family enduro that should have been called the Dusty Miner Family enduro. Gad, it was dusty! I’m used to that, being a desert rat, and don’t mind it that much, but in the wonderful desert you can usually pass people when you need to. In Georgetown? More difficult. The ride wasn’t difficult, except for the dust, but it was the traffic that was my downfall. I was on minute 28, and zeroed all the checks, except for two of the specials. In the first special I was right on time and came up on a dad and his small son who was riding an 80. I swooped up behind the dad and revved my motor, (My bike is SO quiet with that CRD pipe) the dad looked back and pulled right over. But the kid did not understand. He was riding along at a slow pace, not like a snail, but it was on a tight single track where there was no place to pass. I’d rev my motor, and the kid would rev his back at me. It was kind of cute, but the seconds were ticking away. He just did not understand. I spent a couple of minutes behind him, and finally just went into the trees and passed him the hard way. I caught back up to within 15 seconds of my minute, but whammo, there’s the check, I’m down a point. Oh well- it’s a family enduro, what was I going to do, run him over? The next tie breaker I got my first 0.00 ever in a tie breaker check, just like you are supposed to. Ride fast, stay at 30 seconds, and when you see the check use the computer to creep in at 30 seconds into the minute. It worked! That was really neat. Lunch goofed up a bunch of people, since you went back to the truck for gas and your 28 minutes. But some people did not realize that you had to reset your odometer back to the correct mileage where the second loop started. They left the miles clicking away on the odo on the way to and back from the truck. Oops- a bunch were late starting the second loop. The second loop was the same loop as the first with a few little changes. It was uneventful except for the 25 MPH speed average. Yikes, on a Family enduro? In the dust? It was hairy! I was screaming to keep on time, which I almost did. I was 30 seconds or so late towards the end of the check, which was fine, since that’s as fast as I could go in that dust and trying to pass all those people. (I must have passed 40 people in that special) Then I came to the problem- a little hill on the single track with rocks and tree roots, but there was a bottleneck here that was bad, about 10 bikes stopped. Two little kids were stuck on the hill and could not get up. One was just sitting on the ground, exhausted, with his bike in the middle of the trail, the other was trying to get up, but he’d start it, dump the clutch and either stall, or flip the bike. I turned off my motor since there were bikes overheating around me. Finally two men parked their bikes and walked up the hill to help the kids. They drug their bikes up the hill, allowing the log jam to clear. I had been sitting for almost 3 minutes already, when it’s almost my turn to go up. The guy in front of me heads up and crashes into a tree; he rolls off the side of the hill and has to climb back up to the trail. He was too tired to even start his bike, which he tried to do for a while, (you know- he can’t find neutral to kick it, rock it back and forth, kick, no neutral, etc, etc) so I motioned for him to just move over. He pulled his bike to the cliff side of the trail and I went up around him. I look at my clock- I’m 6 minutes late. Oh man. I tear off down the trail and passed up everyone who was stuck in front of me and got back a minute, but I was 5 minutes late at the check. The checker asks me where in the hell all the bikes are- he has not seen one in 10 minutes! I told him log jam, oh well. I rode off and decided I deserved to lose a point there; the trail and speed took that from me, but not 5. Darn it! Oh well- that’s the way it goes some times. I wondered what the club was thinking with a 25 MPH speed average and sending out families in the early minutes, but again, it’s a family enduro. It was a lot of fun, I just got kind of hosed on my score. I hope it rains before the next one. See ya Nick
  2. nachisunshine

    Wild Piglet..

    Hi all- (my first post on thumpertalk) I rode the piglet on my new Katoom 450 XC, on minute 84 no less. (lots of bikes!) I had an absolute blast, and zeroed the whole thing, losing 28 seconds in the two tiebreaker checks. (I think I ended up second overall- one other zero) Those club guys were sneaky, putting a tiebreaker check in the middle of a flat, wide, 19MPH road. I rode right on in at 10 seconds on my minute, where I usually ride, and gave away 18 seconds there. I railed the next special and only lost 10 seconds. The trail was great, although the second loop was very misty, being up in the clouds, so off came the goggles for the last 20 miles or so. I'm pretty glad I picked the piglet over the boar- I had not done a ride for 5 years, and my shoulders are prety sore this morning. Sure had fun, though. Not bad for a brand new super senior. By the way- that KTM is pretty amazing. It's a little more "twitchy" at high speed than my old YZ was, but I have never ridden anything in my life that turns like it does. Just wait till I get my forks revalved!