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  1. Hey guys just wondering if anybody knows why my starter relay is buzzing ( similar noise to being under high voltage power lines ). You can only here it when your off the throttle. I thought maybe the relay was fried so I bought a new one. Wondering maybe if I hooked the 3 wires up wrong? the previous owner cut the the plastic box wireing harness thats supposed to feed into it. Now there is 3 wires with connecters instead.
  2. wr400rider

    Stalling going down hills -2010 KTM 300 XC

    ok im new to jetting, Im assuming the names of the jets are as followed: 162- main jet 38- pilot jet 85- idle jet I have a brand new fmf silencer and pipe on it and after only one 45 min ride the silencer has oil on the tip of the muffler. I checked the cylinder and rings tonight and did a compression test ( 150 ) so to me everything looks good except some spooge in the acceleration and stalling well going down hills or when im not on the throttle. One other thing i noticed is my idle adjust screw basically doesn't change the idle at all for some reason. Im thinking of changing the maIn and pilot jet not sure to what though. Any imput would be appreciated. thanks guys
  3. Hey guys picked up a 2010 300 xc a few months ago but haven't been able to get it to run just right since i've had it. The issues i'm having are. 1) going down hills in neutral at slow speed or in 1st gear but barely lugging the motor- the motor just stalls out. 2 ) often hard to start when it's hot 8-10 kicks ( the e start is another issue for another day ) starts up 2-3 kicks from cold usually. 3 ) throttle response is spongy in the higher gears . I checked the jets tonight I have 162 38 85 in there and im at sea level. let me know what you guys think.
  4. Hi guys, Im just wondering if I should be grounding both terminals to the frame bolt or just the negative feed? Thanks
  5. wr400rider

    Yamaha Financing

    bank loan rates are much higher then yamaha's finance rates, i looked at a new 450 a few months back here in ontario and the financing was like 5.9% over 2 years and 6.9% over 3. My bank wanted like 14% over 2 years and like 12 over 3 years. Factory financing is always cheaper then the banks in most cases........suzuki has 4.9% right now.............that cheap as hell
  6. wr400rider

    Grey Wire

    what does disconecting this grey wire do? and do i have one on my 2000 wr400?
  7. i am changing my chain and front sproket the chain i bought has 120 links but the chain i have on it now has only 114 links? what size of rear sproket would i have on there for it to make it 114 links in my chain? the sproket is aftermarket not stock. and how do i cut the chain properly and fasten the chain togethor right?
  8. wr400rider

    Question about the life span of a WR450

    talked to a dealer abotu changing oil and they said every 500-800km depending on conditions and how hard you ride.......5 hours seems a little much, they said it's better not to change it as much as i was previously (every 200km)
  9. wr400rider

    changing chains?

    an air ratched won't do anything, it's keeps turning even when im in gear.
  10. wr400rider

    changing chains?

    ok folks, I took the chain off and now I have come to realize the hard way you are suppose to leave the chain on and then loosen your front sproket then, I didnt do that and i went to take the sproket off and it just kept spinning..........i put the chain back on and it still kept spinning? what am i doing wrong ive tryed everything.........
  11. wr400rider

    changing chains?

    im in just north of the ganeraska forest you?
  12. wr400rider

    changing chains?

    ok i took a grinder and cut off my old chain, how do I find out what was the chain is suppose to go? im assuming it is directional by the way i returned the other chain and got new o ring chain, im replacing the front sproket but the back one looks to be in good condition still.
  13. wr400rider

    changing chains?

    My 2000 wr400 needs a new chain and front sproket so i went out and got a front yamaha sproket and bought a D-I-D chain (non o ring) how do i go about changing the chain is it just a matter of taking off the rear wheel and putting it on? do i put it all on all connected or do I connect it after it's on the sprokets? how many links do i need for this bike? and was it a big mystake not buying a chain with o rings?
  14. just wondering what are some good indications of when you need to replace your chain? I have noticed in the high gears the chain makes a funny noise and at higher speeds this also could be my front sproket aswell because it does have to be replaced.
  15. I broke a bolt on my 2000 wr400 when tighting a bolt on the oil filter housing cap. I broke the head of the bolt and don't know what to do. What is the best solution? Drill out the bolt and tap a new thread in with a new bolt? I refuse to take this to the dealer and pay $200 for them to fix this. The bolt I broke off is the top left bolt on the housing (there are 3 in total)