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  1. DangerDoom

    Why Me (SHOCKED... you too?)

    sounds silly but there are underground lines in some places. or your just riding at the nexus of the universe and that was the sign of a black hole.
  2. DangerDoom

    Why Me (SHOCKED... you too?)

    science is the best and worst thing in the world.
  3. DangerDoom

    Why Me (SHOCKED... you too?)

    soo that seems to be the official more scientific explenation of what i said. cool i tried putting it in lamens terms for the non-physics people. i took my share of it, goooooood stuff.
  4. DangerDoom

    05 KTM 450EXC or 05 CRF450X

    take a loan out and buy all of them. then sell them for a proffit pay back the loan and come out with a few grand in your pocket.
  5. DangerDoom

    Track Record ...of the 450X, I'm thinking of buying.

    mmmmmm flogging.
  6. DangerDoom

    Place to ride in upstate NY

    my father and I bought my brother his dirtbike in 2006. its a CRF70F. the dealer would not let it out the door without registration. all the work for nothing. he rides the bike in our small suburban yard all the time and up and down the street with the anal cops cruising by. they have yet to stop him or care. which is amazing for our local cops. also, the gray area riding spot never has any problems. the cheif of police walks the road for exercise and said specificaly. just keep it down here and chill when cars come down. but he never cared if the vehicles were registerd or not. its all a bunch of bullsh*t. if they are going to make our lifes harder, might as well inforce the laws or just get rid of them.
  7. DangerDoom

    05 KTM 450EXC or 05 CRF450X

    this is the 450X forum so everyone will say the X. I don't own one, but I have done soooooooooo much research on every bike and checked with people what they think. after about 2years, I have decided the X is the way to go. CRF450X that is. Most people even without the X will say, they have heard so many good things about it. and for that price, get it. according to others. you WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED!!!
  8. DangerDoom

    Track Record ...of the 450X, I'm thinking of buying.

    if i read the stuff corectly i think i found what i want to do. http://www.buffalostate.edu/gradprog.xml?bpid=178 i will get my bachelors in Psychology, with a minor in history. both are two of my favorite subjects. then with that degree i will get my Social Studies postbachelorettes teaching certificate. if i read it right, that means i can teach either history or the social sciences. with my bachelors. then i plan to do administrative education work after that. yeeeeee, my life is coming together. my life goal is to have a major in every degree. i allready have a 2 year. i am going for a 4 year, then masters. and before i die i want to get my doctorates.
  9. DangerDoom

    Why Me (SHOCKED... you too?)

    there is electrical discharge from the powerlines. not enough to kill (unless u touch them directly), but enough to build up in your metal frame and or handlebars of your bike/quad. because you are on rubber tires, it doesn't ground. so when you touch the metal or your handlebars or get close to it. it discharges to your hand to try and ground. just figure it as a suped up static shock. but in some cases it could just be a lose wire contacting ur frame/handlebars and giving u a lil shock to keep you on your toes. its just your bike looking after you.
  10. DangerDoom

    wicked banshee

    That is just unneccesary power. Thats why I like it I am not a big fan of 2 strokes, but I deff respect the little buggers. Those two quads RIPPPEDDDD!!!!!!!
  11. DangerDoom

    Track Record ...of the 450X, I'm thinking of buying.

    right now i am in the psychology program. but i think i am going to duel major in psychology and education. just for the bachelors. go teach/guidence counselor/school psychologist then work on my masters in administrative education and become a principle or higher.
  12. DangerDoom

    Track Record ...of the 450X, I'm thinking of buying.

    gotta find a way to get it out there, AND house it, AND find a way to get it from point A to point B when out there so I can go riding. i have a car, i was going to put a hitch on it with a trailer. BUT, where would i keep the trailer. what are the normal costs for storage units. the things u rent.
  13. DangerDoom

    Track Record ...of the 450X, I'm thinking of buying.

    well i just found out i have been accepted to Buffalo State as a transfer student from HVCC. i don't know what i will do about a bike now. if I can find housing for it 5 hours from my house in Buffalo i will still get it. if not, then i think i may wait.
  14. one time i broke the outside bone on my right hand. outside being my pinky side. they gave me a cast. the second time i broke my hand (same place) i got a spiffy brace thing. i guess it all depends on the break, location, and doctors medical opinion.
  15. DangerDoom

    which one?

    the truck. when u go for the trips u wont have to beat ur normal truck to death hauling that big trailer. plus the truck is pimp and u will be very unique. and u can get a lift gate, or the ramps that come with it like with the U-haul trucks so it would be just as easy loading.