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  1. paineless4u

    New Guy New Bike Pic

    thanks all for the welcome and hopfully I can contribute to the board and maybe help someone out along the way.
  2. paineless4u

    New Guy New Bike Pic

    yeah It wasn't long and it was all muddy and scratched up......they don't look brand new for long so I had to take some pics before I rode.
  3. paineless4u

    New Guy New Bike Pic

    Burned a tank and a half of gas, changed the oil, stuck a new air filter in, chain adjustment, radiator braces, clean and lubed the chain and cleaned her all up.......The bike is ready to ride but man my freakin body sure isn't....... I hope to ride tomorrow but honestly I am having a hard time just walking:)
  4. paineless4u

    New Guy New Bike Pic

    thanks, I am really excited to have found this board.
  5. paineless4u

    New Guy New Bike Pic

    http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=4/11519334163.jpg&s=x402 Another pic of the bike.....
  6. http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=4/11519172474.jpg&s=x402 Well I finally got me a 450 Kawasaki and I must say it is quite a machine. I was shocked at the power. I also was surprised at the way the bike went around the tight corners. For me the suspension is too soft (239 lbs) but I have heavier springs just waiting to be put on. In any case I didn't go riding today, could barely move this morning hahahahahaha. Didn't wipe out but I am really sore. I came off a bunch of bikes throughout my 36 plus years of living but never have I had such a nice one like the new KX450!!!!!! It didn't take me as long as I thought to get used to the 4-stroke engine which is just soooooo much easier and predictable to ride. No abrupt powerband like the 2 cycles. I like that about these new bikes. I think it is going to be a really fun summer.
  7. paineless4u

    bye bye GSXR

    Nothing wrong with having a stable mate....
  8. paineless4u


    link to the most used EFI Module. http://www.powercommander.com/featintro.shtml
  9. paineless4u

    New to the bike world

    you will just have to read up on tire combos specifically for the type of track or terrain you plan to ride on. Most tire website explain what tire combos work best for your specific riding applications. You might need a cople different sets, one for track and one for desert.
  10. paineless4u

    how do u oil an air filter

    I have in the past used gas for cleaning it, dawn dish soap (best for cutting grease and oil) and warm water for getting the excess gas and oil out and then air dry over night. Pour Belray Foam filter oil (used to be the stickiest stuff around) all over and massage in until all areas of the filter are covered evenly. Then sqweeze out any excess oil, thoroughly clean out air box being extremely careful not to get any debris in the "intake" , apply some waterproof grease around the lip of the filter and install.Hope this helps however, I have not had a dirt bike in a few years so their might be better ways and better products out there so I too am all ears...... I will definately need to get up to speed before Thursday when I take delivery of the new beast, muhahahahahaha.......
  11. paineless4u

    Justification for these prices???

    Shortly after 9/11 I remember paying 78 cents a gallon (Valdosta GA) But I do think that the cost cannot be justified by a companies R&D Dept. And the thought of dropping 700 plus dollars on an exhaust to add what........2-4 hp? Insane.......
  12. paineless4u

    Every Owner Read This About Oil ...

    good reading, thanks
  13. paineless4u

    When 1st oil change

    I would change it now but I would not recommend synthetic just yet. IMO.
  14. paineless4u

    Wow. Looks like 1st yr. issues are showing up...

    well at 6100 OTD for the KX450 That frees up about 800 dollars that the Honda Dealer wanted more so I figure I am still ahead even if the worst case senerios start happening; ie piston, pin, detent bolt as you mentioned.
  15. paineless4u

    smoking 06

    Here is link for another method of breaking in your bike. Did my streetbike this way. http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm