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  1. jaybo510

    unabiker or flatlander?

    Anything but Works Connection. Was out of town riding this weekend and took a small spill, and bent the only good side I had left. Now both of my radiators are bent from some weak ass falls. Even though the damage is minor I still say... Never again WC!
  2. jaybo510

    Sand Paddle?

    What day are you going to be riding?
  3. jaybo510

    New pics of the X

    Does TT have rear fender decals? If not Shady do you think I could fit the ones you have on the front on my rear fender?
  4. jaybo510

    New pics of the X

    It could be the firewall, or some type of internet security like Norton.
  5. jaybo510

    Sand Paddle?

    Right on bro Ill take them. You said you are in the Sac area, I'm in Manteca. Do you want to hook up or ship them? It would be easier to hook up. Let me know what you want to do. I have a four day weekend this weekend so anytime over the weekend would be cool.
  6. jaybo510

    New pics of the X

    Your bike looks really good. You should get the WB shroud graphics like I have on my dirty ass bike.
  7. jaybo510

    450X "On the Fly" Clutch Adjuster problem.

    I had the same problem. I noticed it on my third or fourth ride after I bought the bike. The nut was gone and it damaged the perch. I tried to put another nut on it and it will no longer pivot free(it sticks). So I just replaced the bolt, and ride it with no nut. Going to buy Works Connection clutch perch. Any thoughts or problems with WC perch?
  8. jaybo510

    Sand Paddle?

    Is the paddle off a 450X? Can I fit the one you have with my stock chain and sprocket? Are you capable of receiving Pay Pal?
  9. jaybo510

    Sand Paddle?

    I am going to Pismo Beach in June, and I was wondering if I could get away with using a normal tire out there for the weekend. Ive never rode in the sand, and I probably wont go back but once a year. I need a new rear tire now but I was just going to wait until that weekend to get one. Can I get away with a new regular tire for the weekend, or does a paddle make that much difference and I wouldn't have fun with out it?
  10. jaybo510

    How loud is the stock pipe w/out the baffle?

    I tested mine today with the baffle out and it was 95.3db at whatever RPM the ranger looked up in his sound bible. My friend that was with me has a 2003 CRF450R with a FMF Q and tested a 94.8.
  11. jaybo510

    450x rekluse Singal track overheating

    Any one try this? Don't know if it will actually help. http://crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/138_144/products_id/917?osCsid=267dc7470c2df45f3ca4cabf66f805e0
  12. jaybo510

    Disabling The Smmog Thing

    What jet sizes? Jet Kit or did you just buy the jets? Any other mods to the carb, accelerator pump cover, power now valve, fuel screw?
  13. jaybo510

    How loud is the stock pipe w/out the baffle?

    Do you still have that increased throttle response with the baffle cut apposed to out?
  14. jaybo510

    Disabling The Smmog Thing

    Buy this kit and follow the directions that come with it. Really easy. http://crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/138_144/products_id/1044?osCsid=267dc7470c2df45f3ca4cabf66f805e0
  15. jaybo510

    Problems with RBR Racing

    Thanks for the heads up.