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  1. I had a stange noise in my motor ( like 2 or 3 rock in a cooking pan and shaking it as hell) ... I 've first checked the timing chain tensionner cause it was on the side that the sound was coming ... but after checking all parts of the motor the result was the rotor of the magneto... the rivets on the rotor just took some loose and was making a lot of aluminum chunk on my oil filter... My bike is a 2001 wr250 ( used when I bought it in 2005) and just wanted to know, is it possible that the guy that has is before changed the two beraring of the crankshaft because the parts are blue like they have been heated with a propane torch... to replace it... Or what can cause a color like that ??? Everything is feeling great in the motor all bearing are great and are not notching when rolling free ??? thanks in advance
  2. I already about oil change frequency.... I change it every 5-6 hour.... that was the first the I saw some metal part in the oil filter... I just wanted to know if that was something common that was leaving a lot of aluminum chunk (when I mean a lot this is a LOT ) .....
  3. Someone told me to check IF if what not the timing chain tensionner that was going bad .. I've done it and everything was good.... I've flushed the oil and when I got to the filter ... Kaboom!!!! Damn.. I wasn't able to see the filter there was a lot of aluminium chunk in it.... I've check the clucht and everything seem to be ok in it... I did'nt go any further cause I'm pretty new to bike mechanic... Does someone as a hint on waht could have cause.. this !!!! The bike is a WR250f 2001
  4. Thanks guys.... So I did the air filter cover mod.... Wow that's not the same thing... The throttle response.. is really great
  5. Hi guys I've look today to do the Gery wire modification on my Canadian Wr250F 2001.... But when I found the plug... with the black..and the grey wire... one side there was the black and the grey wire... and the other side of the plug there was only the black wire... and a plastic plug in the other hole( seem to be original)... Is ti because I Don't need to do this on my bike or do I get rid of the only grey wire I have.... all thanks in advance