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  1. my xr100 has taken all the abuse it can handle so i have been looking into buying a cr80 and have some questions. i do a lot of trail riding and was wondering if a 2 stroke would be a bad bike for trails? and alot of the bikes i have looked at have mentioned a new top end so i was wondering how much more maintenence this bike would need compared to an xr100? i am looking for a bike with more power and the cr80 seems like a good bike to me. thanks in advance
  2. 2002_xr100

    xr100 ticking problem

    that sounds like a better explaination for it but why would it only be when the bike is straight up?
  3. 2002_xr100

    xr100 ticking problem

    i have a 2002 xr100 that starts to tick really bad when climbing steep hills and somtimes when riding long wheelies. it does stop when the bike is level. im almost positive its because the engine isnt getting much fuel as it should be but i still havnt had this problem with any other bike ive owned. i change my oil very frequently so is this just an early sign that the motors dieing or is it somthing else? thanks mike
  4. 2002_xr100

    2002 xr100 running too rich

    that was the one thing i forgot to check. there was mud and dirt all in it. thanks
  5. 2002_xr100

    2002 xr100 running too rich

    it used to do it when it wasnt in gear but its fine now. it only happens when riding. i cleaned the carb and made sure there was nothing in the pilot jet. i dont know what else it could be
  6. 2002_xr100

    2002 xr100 running too rich

    my xr100 is always bogging when you give it full throttle. i was wondering how far to turn the screw so i dont make it too lean. i made it leaner but it still boggs sometimes. im just wondering where i should have it set
  7. 2002_xr100

    need help with friends xr 100

    ok thanks ill try it
  8. 2002_xr100

    need help with friends xr 100

    my friend has a 2000 xr 100 that will only run on choke. when he takes the choke off it will only idle and if you give it any gas it will stall out. we checked the carburetor, fuel lines, spark plug, air filter and intake but it still wont run. anything we forgot to check or any ideas what the problem is?