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  1. Bumping. Still hoping to find this fellow. kgdb
  2. Huh? He emailed me and I replied but his email address isnt any good. I am interested in the rear wheel he has. kgdb
  3. I emailed you twice but your address bounced. Please email me again as I am interested in hearing more about the wheel. Thanks kbonazew@**shaw.ca remove the obvious to reply Thanks
  4. kgdb

    Looking for some parts....

    looking for a few things for this unusual build. I need a nice 18" jap rear wheel with drum brake setup. Something like off an older smaller dirt bike. The kicker is that hub area cannot be wider then 6". Just the complete wheel setup, tire not required. I am also looking for a complete jap 4 stroke motor, small cc (under 500)preferably a runner. Single cyl or twin would be ok. Could use some of the electrics, cdi etc off it as well. If you have or can direct me to a dependable bone yard would be great. Hope you all have been well and getting the winter projects lined up. kgdb.
  5. Hello everyone, first post here. Looks like a great site! Can anyone tell me what shock will fit a 05 CRF100. The stock shock is very soft and doesnt offer any adjustements. Will a shock from a CRF150 fit? Thanks kgdb