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  1. fastbyferreira

    TM andmoto x speed

    I had a nice chit chat with David today, after my original post from this morning. I truly beleive he wants to do the right thing but has been lacking the tools needed in order to achieve that. I decided to pull my post as per his request and give him one last attempt to amend our little situation. I hope my next post will be nothing but praize and happy thoughts... at the end of the day, I just want to ride my bike.
  2. fastbyferreira

    What's up with TM and the USA?

    No hell no, I'm loosing my mind with this guy... not even a phone call. I will find him, if it's the last thing I do, what kind of person would do this, regardless of their personal agenda. I'm still waiting for him to contact me pronto.
  3. fastbyferreira

    TM andmoto x speed

    I shipped my engine to Moto X Speed back in February. It arrived at his location on the 9th according to the tracking info. He was to do work on it and have it ready for for Stateline in Vegas. Today is May the 8th and only yesteday did I find out something was going on. He has charged my Visa an exurbitant amount of money without consulting me or my permission and now I'm out the motor as well it looks like. I will see my lawer today and start a lawsuit against David Evans, Moto X Speed and TM racing if need be. He doesn't return calls, e-mails nor faxes. I'm truly dissapointed at my experience with TM period. Hopefully this can get worked out...
  4. fastbyferreira

    What's up with TM and the USA?

    I shipped my engine to DAVID EVANS two and half months ago for service and after charging my Visa at will and without consulting me first, I'm out my motor and money. What exactly is going on with this guy???
  5. fastbyferreira

    Does Anyone Have A 450 Sx Cylinder?

    you can e-mail as well at: fastbyferreira@hotmail.com
  6. I need a cylinder and a piston to fit a 03 and newer 450sx. Can anyone remember the freind who has one sitting around collecting dust and no longer needs it.
  7. fastbyferreira

    Tm 530 Troubles!!!!!!!!

    Well, I only know of one bike for sure that will not give you any trouble and you allready know what bike that is... something to think about next time you go blow 13K no???