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  1. They are near as much as the Akra's though and I'm not too sure I like the split where it is. The tuck though is nice. Religious argument there. Here's a PIC of the Devil. http://www.devilexhaust.us/gb/moto/route.cfm?marque=KTM&modele=690+SUPERMOTO&annee=2007&btnSearch.x=9&btnSearch.y=10
  2. Looks like they followed the line given by the rear peg mounts. Makes for a more compact design, but I see what you're saying. I'll be pre-ordering mine soon.
  3. Leo Vince will have a full exhaust system out in late September. I just spoke with a rep for Leo Vince and they will be: $866 for the aluminum (part #7938) $1025 for the carbon (part #7939) And now for the pics (these are prototype pics):
  4. beavmo

    Blip throttle, engine bogs

    Get the Boyesen QuickShot Accelerator Pump. It is overpriced for what it is, but trust me, it is well worth it. I have the White Bros E2 exhaust, JD Jetting, modded intake and the Boyesen pump. I have zero hesitation off idle. It really made a difference for the slow plodding tight trail stuff. I was used to an XR600 and was getting really sick of stalling out when going slow . That little battery is only good for a few starts when you aren't revving the engine. It still won't blip-blip-blip like a 600 but I don't stall out like I used to when the engine speed is near idle in the tight stuff. It is the best 90 dollar piece of metal you can buy for your 4-stroke.