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  1. anyone? $2000? $2300 I just want to get a new bike
  2. 2003 model, pretty much stock. Gripper seat. The bike is in great shape and runs awesome. I am thinking of getting a new bike. I want to know what to advertise it for. I dont need top dollar as I want to move the bike and get my new one. Thanks for any comments or suggestions in advance.
  3. stay with the 315. i heard the 290 kit signs off too early. reliability should be really good because you wont rev as high to make the same power as the 250. dirtbike, the mag, i think did a comparison of the rm 315 and yz315. they said it really closed the gap between a 450 and a 250. i would go with it.
  4. im with skyline. i would get a crazy ass color.
  5. put a 12t sprocket on the yz.
  6. the 250f would be fine for the woods. put a 50 rear sprocket on it and youll be good to go.
  7. i zip tied it then wrapped the line in some metal tape to prevent it from getting hot, when it touches the pipe
  8. highway47mx.com proving grounds action motocross asherville mx BET euro raceway
  9. thanks for the pic...i am to try and mess with it this weekend. another question: is that your brake line in the pic as well? i was told to route it with the throttle cable. does it work better your way? also, how did you set up the perch adjuster? i tried to cram all that shit back together but couldnt get everything working right
  10. i dont know how much the piston lock up tool is but you can also take rope and put it in the spark plug hole to get the piston to stop. worked perfectly for my buddies cr250.
  11. he probably just leased the car.
  12. word ^
  13. its all relative. he makes enough to afford it. also, why wouldnt you want a bad ass car like that if you could afford it?
  14. you can buy them new for 5000.
  15. ya you need a ton of dough to open a successful track. you need land that is relatatively close to the riders that will come. so in a normal area getting 100 acres of land can cost anywhere from $1000-$50,000+ per acre (it could be even more, but normally you wont be able to open the track since it will be close to a highly populated residential area. then add in insurance and equipment, like stated above, and you will have a huge investment. i wouldnt pursue it if i were you but dont let that spoil your dreams. just because other people say its a dumb idea, that shouldnt discourage you. you might find a better and cheaper way to open something up