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    ok my grand dad just bought a 2 bikes from a friend so my cousin and i would have something to ride while im in alabama. 05 xr 100 and a 06 ttr 125le. i've never owned a bike, well i did when i was younger, but it scared me so bad i never rode it. i've been riding quads for the last 8 years maybe longer. any ways my grand dad told me my other cousin got the xr and i could have the ttr. he also said i could mod it if i pay for it. i'm 6'3 and 210lbs. i don't know where to start. well the only thing i know so far is the bbr frame cradle and exhaust. what else would you recommend for this bike? i haven't rode it yet, but my friend said i needed to upgrade the suspension on it. what would you recommend?