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  1. 450cc single e-start 6 spd trans. 1st for the rocks and 6 th for cruising 70 on the hwy. LED lights to prevent vibration failure handguards 3.5 gallons of fuel digital gages with trip computer. 12V port/plug for GPS/Batt charger or whatever.(no need to be as big as a cig lighter) Lighter than my yz426 dualsport with similar specs.
  2. FTT

    Dec. 9 Ca. dual sport

    Had a great time. My first organized ride and longest day ride. Thanks to 10 of the Jackrabbits for getting me thru it without getting lost. Very good group of guys to ride with. Fast for a newbie though.
  3. FTT

    Jeep Wranglers

    Well, here is a shot of my TJ. It has been an exceptionally reliable car, with the exception of parts that have failed due to abuse. The mileage sucks but it is the most fun vehicle I have ever had.
  4. FTT

    Jeep Wranglers

    My DD for years was my 98 TJ 4.0L sport. It was recently retired to toy status. It wasn't a bad dd. A set of quality shocks goes a long way towards helping with the choppy ride. I used Rubicon Express and Edelbrocks on the Jeep and was happy with both. It gets 14mpg running down the freeway at 80. 16-17 at 60-65, but I cannot drive that slow. (It does have a 4" lift and 35's on it) I have a hardtop, as a DD it is nice to have AC when the summer is real hot or in the winter when it is ski season. Also it is lockable. I never put a nice stereo in it and the only thing ever stolen on it were the doors shortly after I moved to LA. I did once tow my 87 Hurricane 600 and my Mac Toolbox on a 12ft utility trailer across the state. Plenty of power, not enough weight or brakes. 2 dirtbikes should be ok though, be careful the first few timeds though. In short it is my toy, I love it but it isn't the best dd in the world.
  5. FTT

    426 aftermarket tank recommendation?

    I recently bounght the IMS for my 02. It is nice, a bit of a pain to get to the choke, not to bad on the hot start. I have noticed that the tip of the kickstarter is digging in to the tank where it hits as it goes back into its notch though. I like it and I'd buy it again. The petcock gasket sucked and I ended up using silicone instead.
  6. FTT

    first bike

    Street: 1987 Honda Hurricane 600, bought in 99. Off-Road 2002 YZF426 Dual sport - bought in April 06 and loving it. High school 1986 Honda Spree 50 scooter
  7. On my 02 426 the original filter came out and left that part in the motor. The new oem filter has that as part of it. I would guess you need to remove it for any kind of filter swap.
  8. I recently bought a yz426 with the bd stator kit. It does leak out of the inspection cover, so I ordered a paper gasket and changed it. I will have to try silicone on it.
  9. FTT

    put lights on yz426?

    Hopefully he will say something else then. He has ways of looking extremely stupid, and the grammar is impressive too.
  10. I have installed Baja kits on a KLX 300 and an XR600. They work great. I recently bought a YZ426 and I have to say that the LED tailight is a great addition. We used to go through several bulbs on the older bikes with the standard lights.
  11. FTT

    changing front brake line - '02 YZ426F

    I recently put a braided hose on mine. Took about 1 hour fror the front, less for the rear. I used my vaccum bleeder then pressure bled it. No problem. Don't know about Galfer hoses, I used a Russell withou any issues.
  12. FTT

    new to yz426

    I also recently picked up an 02. I love the bike, but I had to learn the starting drill. It really helps at first if you step on something with your left foot. Once you get it down no worries. For anybody who knows these things, I did my first oil change today. Maybe it was because I could see the filter, but there was a bunch of aluminum and debris in the filter. Does this mean that I am in for an expensive rebuild, or is it somewhat common? I have no idea how long it has been since the bikes last oil change, the oil was pretty black. EDIT. I did a search and it seems fairly common. I need to pull the frame screen and see how it looks. Due to a stripped screw on my Baja Designs stator cover this is the longest oil change I have ever done.
  13. Yup. I have a 98 Jeep Wrangler rockcrawler with arb lockers, coilovers, long arm lift and beadlocks. It has spent the last year in the fab shop so I picked up the YZ426. I have a 77 CJ that was stripped after being stolen. I am acquiring parts to build a tube chassis jeep buggy currently. Pic of the TJ Pic of the CJ
  14. FTT

    Best Hitch Motorcycle Carrier?

    I have a Joe Hauler single bike. It is a nice part.