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  1. rmz608

    Shift fork?

    Well to start off with my bike problems for 2005 RMZ-250, my motor got overheated in the summer of 2005. so we tore down the motor and replaced everything. Then in November, riding indoors, i blew out 2nd gear. We go to tear the motor down and we find that I need a new shift fork. Well, I've called every bike shop in Nothwest Ohio, and it on back order. Then we started looking online at all the major bike shops, they all have them on back order. It's said that they're is some modification being down because there's problems with them nation wide. What's the deal? I haven't heard of any problems with them here on ThumperTalk? Is anyone else having problems with their shift fork on the RMZ-250, or does anyone know where I could find one that isn't on backorder?
  2. rmz608

    Bike problems! Need help!

    you could shift into a higher gear. you shouldn't have problem jumping a 30ft. tabletop. i have an '05 RMZ250 and i was easily jumping 140ft.triples and my bike is bone stock.
  3. rmz608

    RM85's haul A$$ !....?

    dude, do you actually think that Eli Tomac's mechanic is going to give you the same version of bikes? heck no he won't. then all the goodies inside the motor wouldn't be a secret anymore becuase all you'd have to do is tear the motor down and find out what they're running in their bikes. You only get the factory treatment if you signed a factory contract. Oh and if you want more top, just drop 1-4 teeth on the back sprocket. or go up one tooth on the front sprocket (going up one thooth on the front sprocket equals dropping three off the back, so don't go up on the front and drop in the back at the same time. you'd have to clutch the piss out of the bike when taking off)
  4. rmz608

    Going from a 250f to a 125

    just 2 weeks ago i changed from a YZ450f back to an RM125. even though it was such a big changes, the only thing i had to change with my riding is how much i hade to use the clutch. You have to clutch soooo much more with the 125.
  5. rmz608

    Who likes high bars?

    i'm and average 5'10" and ride a rmz250 and rm125. i hate riding the bikes without my Renthal Fatbars on higher mounts. I have have so much better control and it's also easier and funner to do whips.