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  1. Yea have a SSR sba with broken rear shock, klx110 with no rear brakes and a RMZ250 in a thousand pieces waiting on a crank.
  2. I guess if you ask for an opinion on here you will get it. My son races and his normal bike has a graphics kit with his sponsors and pre-printed number plates with his numbers. Our pit bike he raced this weekend had nothing so we stuck every sticker we could find in the garage on it to make it "faster". It is a klx 110 and ended up with v-force,fmf ( complete with stock exhaust), Quad-zone as well as a bunch of other crap. So I guess you do with your bike what you want, it only has to please you. And to the guy who said you need a number to be identified, you will be the kid with stickers where his number is supposed to be. See no problem
  3. 475a

    Hot Rod Crank in 07 or newer RMZ 250

    Thanks for the replies I went with the stock crank after all.
  4. 475a

    Hot Rod Crank in 07 or newer RMZ 250

    Thanks for the replies do you have a reason or are using the Hot Rods?
  5. What do you think the best choice is Stock or Hot Rods? Also does anyone know what size the puller is to pull the rotor?
  6. It is the crank the rod bearing must be bad and it won't move freely. I guess it all failed at 1 time.
  7. i would like to but dad likes to do the work himself so he knows what is being done to the bike
  8. after the bike runs for a sec and shuts off it wont kick over for 10-15 mins then the bike can be turned over by hand but its tight
  9. wat could be worng with it
  10. yes the engine has been turned over by hand. after i kicked it over and it died the kick start wouldnt move at all and the guy the built the head cut the valve seats and redid the head me and my dad put the cams and chain back in and spent over two hours getting the shims rite so the cams would have the rite clearance
  11. my bike has wont run. the head ahs just been rebuilt by a professional because the timing chain slipped and one of the exhaust valves hit the piston. we replaced the timing chain and piston and all four valves and put the bike completeley back together kicked it over and it ran for a second and shut off with a loud tink noise has this happen to anyone? what could be the problem? if anyone knows send me a pm
  12. 475a

    Beware of water crossings

    My son did this also about a year ago. I had to split the cases to clean the dirt out from around the screen that you can remove. It had packed in there so tight it was like concrete. That screen is for the oil the pump sends to the top of the head and caused your seize. On our bike it never locked up but we had to replace the ex cam, head, piston, and cylinder due to it starving for oil. Also check your timing chain while you are in there. Our crankcase vent hose is now in the air box also.
  13. 475a

    What do I need to do?

    I agree with replacing the piston and rings as this is what I do. Not only is it insurance it also give me a chance to check out everything else while I am in there. I have had to replace the cylinder, head and ex cam on the bike but this was due to muddy water getting into the motor through the crank case vent hose.
  14. 475a

    What do I need to do?

    If your valves haven't moved why would you rework the head or replace the valves for that matter? If you pull the cam chain tensioner and have half the clicks left why replace the cam chain? If the motor has good compression does it need a new piston? Seems like you guys work at a dealer and want to throw parts at a bike just in case something might happen. It is a bike and things are going to happen. My son rides a 07 RMZ250 and we do regular maintenance and can't see changing parts because they have 40 hours on them.
  15. 475a

    2009 rmz250

    Here ia a link to the 2009 http://www.vitalmx.com/features/First-Look-2009-Suzuki-RM-Models,2809