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  1. dirkdelaney3t

    08+ KTM Cam Chain Tensioner Upgrade/Fix

    It would be next to impossible to jump time from removing the tensioner. For this to happen, the chain would have to come off the sprocket and move a tooth. There is simply not enough room in there for this to happen. Unless of course you have VERY worn components, and if thats the case the tensioner won't help you anyway.
  2. dirkdelaney3t

    Steel rear sprocket

    Ironman sprockets do not break your hub, all this talk is ridiulous. It is maintenance issue weather you like it or not. If you notice Barry Hawk, Charlie Mullins and Shane Watts all run Ironman Sprockets with no problems. Every case of a "folded" sprocket can be traced back to the following factors: 1. failure of one or more sprocket bolts (came loose or broke) 2. Chain too tight 3. ovaled out hub holes from previous sprocket bolt failure. 4. cracked/weak hub which lets go and takes sprocket with it. I have been running Ironman Sprockets for 5 years with no problems at all. I do check my bolts before each race. I index a line from the nut to the hub, if the line no longer lines up, your nut is backing off. Very simple way to check.
  3. dirkdelaney3t

    '89 XR600 rear sprocket?

    Not sure where you went for that response. Dirttricks.com makes Ironman sprockets. I know them well, and after talking to them about this thread, the above response did not come from Dirt Tricks. They have discontinued the 600 sprockets, which are the same as the 650L sprockets. They use a counter bored 10mm sprocket bolt, and not the regular 8mm counter sunk bolt. They said that by June they will start making them again due to people asking for them. ....FYI
  4. dirkdelaney3t

    New sprokets and chain recommendations?

    cheapest Ironman I have ever seen. http://qualitysmart.com
  5. dirkdelaney3t

    need rear hub for 650r

    I have a used front hub which is in really good shape. ( no dings or scratches). Send me a PM if your interested. Thanks.
  6. dirkdelaney3t

    Primary Drive chains and sprockets, worth buying?

    I have 3 years on my Ironman sprockets and I've desert raced all three years. I have about 4,000+ miles on these and the same Regina "z" ring chain. Awesome stuff!
  7. dirkdelaney3t

    Sprockets and chain anyone?

    If you ride with your chain too tight it will overstress the sprocket bolts more than anything else. If your friend tacoed an Ironman sprocket, he lost a bolt, which worked on the next, then he lost 2 which = tacoed sprocket and generally a broken hub. You can check this by looking to see how many bolts you have left after destruction. If all pieces of the hub are still held onto the sprocket by a bolt, and all attached parts still have their bolts, I would then agree the sprocket failed. I guarentee that he re-used his sprocket bolts and did not red loc-tite them. I suspect nylon "nylock" lockers also which are junk after one use, mechanical locking ones are better, but, still use new one whenever possible. Most chains break around 7200-7800 lbs, Ironman sprockets break at about 8000-8500 lbs and your hub tabs break easily. Always a good idea for any sprocket replacement to use new bolts and red loc-tite.
  8. dirkdelaney3t


    If you go to dirttricks.com you will find the mighty ironman sprockets. Riding on the street you will get at least 3 years on them.
  9. dirkdelaney3t

    pissed OFFFFFF

    You can maximum life out of a Regina Z ring also. I run Ironman front and rear and have 2 years now on them of desert racing.
  10. dirkdelaney3t

    Broken Chain and countersprocket

    Ironman sprockets are much stronger than any other on the market, and the fact they are warrantied for a year makes them the best choice period. Contact Nate@dirttricks.com and he will hook you up.