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  1. mrtuf

    Best indoor mx tires for CRF250....

    The TUF Racing AX team uses Dunlop MX71. We have been offered more money to switch to other tires, but the riders want to use the MX71's.
  2. mrtuf

    Arenacross setups

    On your suspension, it will depends on your track but most AX tracks have a whoop section and then a rythem section, a catapult jump and then the start straight. You will want to set up your suspension to work best for the whoop section. This will require heavier springs than normal. When you have this setup remember that the bike will not turn like it use to, but that is the sacrifice you need to make to get through the whoops. On sprockets we run 52-53 on our modified bikes, you may even need a 54 if your bike is stock.
  3. mrtuf

    pros riding our 250s

    Yes they switched back to 250's from the 450's. I guess they finally realized that is was silly for riders to earn 250SX advancement points on a 450.
  4. mrtuf


    Ron is just finishing up on the RMZ450 and as soon as we have everthing finalized, which will be soon we will add it to the TUF website. When we do finally offer a engine package we want to be certain all the bugs are worked out before we start to sell them to the public. From the looks of Ron's dyno runs, this should be one hell of a package.
  5. mrtuf

    TUF racing crf 250

    We will have the bikes at Walnut Wendnesday and at Red bud Saturday and Sunday if anyone wants to try one out.
  6. mrtuf

    coming full circle with my project

    You need to give everyone the complete story here. We told you to return it to the dealer, you did not want to do that. We have had very few defects, but if we do, we have a system to take care of this. The customer returns it to the dealer and the dealer returns it to the distributor. Many of these so called defects occur in how the fender was packaged. Many of the online dealers will cram the fenders in to small or incorrectly shaped boxes. This can cause the fenders to appear warped or distorted when they arrive. Our distributors are instructed in how to pack these items so this does not happen. By following the correct return policy we can then see where the problem occured. UFO Plastic
  7. mrtuf

    Ron Hamp Porting Video

    Here is one more to keep you entertained for the weekend. http://vimeo.com/22130521
  8. mrtuf

    Ron Hamp Cam Video

    Here are some of the first of our new videos. Let us know what you think and what you would like to see. http://vimeo.com/22130753
  9. mrtuf

    Ron Hamp Insert Video

    One more to keep you entertained for the weekend. http://vimeo.com/22130946
  10. mrtuf

    Ron Hamp Cam Video

    Here is one more for you guys. Let us know what you think and what else you might like to see. http://vimeo.com/22130753
  11. mrtuf

    Ron hamp on video

    Here is a link to one of our first on many informational video's with Thumpertalk's own Ron Hamp http://vimeo.com/22130521
  12. mrtuf


    Here is a video of Ron and the Bazzaz unit http://vimeo.com/22130315
  13. mrtuf

    TUF web sight is up

    We will have all the individual parts available seperately, we just wanted to get the kits up first. We know people will want to purchase replacement parts to keep their kits running at their full potential. As Ron said we feel much more comfortable selling the kit as a package because we know how it will perform. People ask all the time but, we honestly don't know how our porting will perform with another manufactors cam for example. Many cams are made to run on a stock engine. It is so important that the whole package works together. We know that sometimes it is hard to purchase the whole package at one time, and if you do purchase individual parts or services you must take into consideration how all the parts/services will work together when your done. It's difficult to buy a piston from one company, a cam from another and a spring kit from another and have everything work as well as it could. That being said, you will be able to purchase all the parts and services seperately soon.
  14. mrtuf

    TUF web sight is up

    I guess it wouldn't be fair to just offer the discount for the Yamaha, so for the first five CRF heads we will give you the same discount. Just type ronhamp in the promotion code box and you will get it.