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  1. koy-666

    Which pipe is better for the 06 250f...

    Sorry but im only new to this.. But thanks i went searching for that other thread an I like the procircuit an so do most other people by the sounds of it i just wasnt sure thanks anyway...
  2. Hey im looking at gettin a 06 kxf 250 an when i get it ill be gettin the supension done an gettin a pipe. But was wondering which pipe is best suited for it.. I can get the FMF Factory 4.1 full system with the powerbomb header or the procircuit gp system or which other pipe would be the go?? Any help appreciated thanks..
  3. koy-666

    04 Kx250f

    u can get after market covers 2 sort that problem out.. My mate has an 04 rmz wit procircuit 1's..