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  1. Some very impressive photography, too! Thanks.
  2. ccrrbb

    New from Italy!

    Hey Marco, Welcome to L.A. It's about as close to Italia as you'll find in the U.S. If you're in the neighborhood of Malibu, find your way to The Rock Store on Mulholland Hwy. on Sunday mornings between 10 and 12. There are usually some motarders there. Even one or two who speak Italian! Look for the Husqvarnas parked at the end of the lot near the patio. Sono molto lieto de fare la sua cognoscentia. Ciao. (The spelling is probably way off.) Craig
  3. ccrrbb

    Help Me Buy a Bike!! I have tons of questions.

    Hey Adam, I read your post and just wanted to put in my two cents... I have had a Husky SM510 R for about 2 years and it has been a total blast and bulletproof. Though I live in SoCal and haven't ridden the Husky in your area, I have ridden many other bikes around Placerville and know that the Husky would love it. If you can do simple mechanic work like oil changes and very easy valve adjustments, I'd recommend a Husqvarna -- if you can find one at your price.
  4. Just weighing in... I was a confirmed sportbike guy, starting with an FZR 1000 in '85, followed by new Yamahas every couple of years and ending with an '02 R1. I was putting about 10k miles on each of them over those two years and doing about a half dozen track days out at Willow Springs or Fontana. I bought an '06 Husqvarna SMR 510 two years ago and that was it! I sold the R1 after nine months because I never rode it anymore. I was having so much fun on the motard bike, it became the ride of choice. But as a result, I have limited myself to blitzing the local canyons (I live near the Rock Store in L.A.) and occasional track days at Grange. I have quit commuting or taking motorcycle trips of any distance (e.g. Laguna Seca) and pretty much ride the Husky only on Sundays. Consequently, my annual mileage has dropped drastically. I have only 2,500 miles on the Husky in its two years, but am glad to say it has been absolutely bulletproof. I'm starting to sort of miss the range of the roadburners though. Maybe time to consider adding a new KTM RC8?
  5. ccrrbb

    Husky SM 510R

    I would recommend the Fastway F.I.T. setup. It actually use Cycra aluminum guard bars, but they are tied into Fastway's own handlebar center clamps instead of mounting on the handlebars. (Sorry if that's unclear.) Just look at: http://www.cyclebuy.com/shopping/fastway/handguards.htm I think I found Cyclebuy through TT and that they're a sponsor. If not, they should be.
  6. ccrrbb

    Magura hydro w/ a Slipper Clutch?

    I don't mean to contradict Eddie, particularly since I don't have the same bike and he's a great resource on this list, but I put an STM slipper on my '06 Husqvarna SMR 510 with the stock Magura hydraulic clutch and it works great. I got the clutch through FMF and they were really helpful, so you might want to call those guys for the lowdown on your particular application. Joey Martinez is the guy's name who was so helpful to me and the number for FMF is 310-631-4363. Good luck.
  7. ccrrbb

    3 feet deeper - late night ramble - Scream

    I just wanted to chime in with my thanks for your informative post.
  8. ccrrbb

    Thinking of getting a Husky

    I don't know where you are in your decision making process at this point, but I have a 2006 Husqvarna SM510R and love it! It has not missed a beat after a couple of thousand miles of hard street riding, mostly around Malibu, CA as well as several track days out at Grange. After years aboard Yamaha FZR's and YZF 1000's, the Husky is just way too much fun -- on the short, tight stuff. After I bought the motard bike, the R1 stayed parked and I finally sold it. However, for longer trips, for example L.A. to Laguna Seca, a trip I've taken probably 15 times, I would definitely want another open class sportbike. I do my own valve adjustments and oil changes according to the recommended schedule, but they're a breeze. In fact, I have only needed to replace one shim on one exhaust valve since new. Highly recommended.
  9. ccrrbb

    american supercamp

    Two thumbs up for Danny Walker and his American Supercamp! I've taken one dirt and one supermoto course (about 5 years apart) and learned alot at each of them. He gets great guest instructors, too. For the dirt we had Eric Bostrom. For SM, David Pingreee showed up. The only thing hurting after the classes were my facial muscles from all the smiling I was doing. I'll go back for more if and when he comes back to SoCal. Highly recommended.
  10. ccrrbb

    Supermoto in Oxnard?

    Hey Guys, As a street motarder and ocassional Grange track day attendee, I was wondering... Think Jim Hall Karting in Ventura county would do a motard day or two? Since you guys live in the 'hood, maybe the incentive is there to inquire? http://www.jimhallkartracing.com/ Thanks. ccrrbb
  11. ccrrbb

    Which Slipper Clutch to get?

    +1 on the STM.
  12. ccrrbb

    Finding the perfect supermoto - help?

    I'm sure you'll get as many suggestions as there are models of bikes. The fact is, they're ALL fun. I will say that I have had a Husqvarna SM510R for a little over a year and the thing has been great. The maintenace schedule may seem intimidating at first, but it's no worse than your CR250 and the Husky is much easier to work on. An oil and filter change takes about 15 minutes and a valve check takes about 20. Add 15 minutes more if you have to actually change any shims. You don't have to pull the cams to do this, you just pop out a retaining clip and slide the rocker arms out of the way. I had to replace a couple of shims at the first service, but for the 3000 miles I've put on the bike since, they have stayed in spec. I do mostly canyon carving and occassional track days and the Husky is the perfect tool. There is even a dealer with a good rep in your area, GP Cycles in San Diego. I have no personal experience with them, but the word on the Web that I've seen is positive. Good luck and welcome to the club.
  13. ccrrbb

    Supercamp SM School on East Coast?

    Just wanted to chime in that I took Danny's SM school last fall at the Honda Training Center in San Bernardino. It was great! Do whatever you have to do to get him to offer a class. You won't be sorry.
  14. ccrrbb

    looking for first sm, ktm or husky

    You might want to re-read my post. I have no regrets whatsoever. I'd been riding FZR's and R1's since 1987. Once I got the Husky, I sold my R1 after 6 months because I never rode it anymore. I mostly ride in the tight canyons around the Rock Store -- Malibu, CA -- and the Husky is the right tool for the job. I routinely ride around the outside of guys on sportbikes with their knees down. I especially like taking a hand off the bars and waving bye-bye when I do it. Yeah, I know, it's obnoxious, but what the hell, I'm an old guy. The 610 is a great bike, just not as edgy as the 510. It's heavier and about the same HP. The maintenance schedule isn't as demanding as the 510 so for a commuter bike, it's probably the better choice. But as I said, the 510 is very easy to work on. However, I wouldn't pick either of them for use on the freeway. You might want to check out supermotojunkie.com under the Husqvarna section. Lots of good advice and observations. Check out the KTM section, too, for that matter. Like here, lots of cool people.
  15. ccrrbb

    looking for first sm, ktm or husky

    I was in your shoes about a year ago. I ended up gambling on the Husky SMR 510 since it could be licensed for the street in CA, I liked the looks better and it came in motard trim right out of the box. I've been riding the hell out of it for a year now and have no regrets whatsoever. Despite Sundays shredding through the canyons and occasional track day abuse, the bike has been rock solid. Aside from frequent oil changes and valve clearance checks (only one actual adjustment needed when new - which are insanely easy), I have had no issues with it. Since I got mine, three other guys I ride with have bought them and they have had no problems either. (Well, all the speedo units are POS, but who's looking at them anyway?) I have a KTM also, a 950 Adventure, so I have no brand prejudice. I think you'd be happy with either, but don't worry about the Husky reliability.