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  1. dgrizzz

    2000 YZ 426 F It won't start????

    Yea I heard the same thing. He broke the kill switch. we just havent been able to get it repaired yet. But still it wont even fire. No backfire or anything.
  2. Hello, I have a 2000 YZF 426. My son rides this bike and rides well. He has had this bike for a couple of years. We recently went through the engine. It has been running very well. Last week he rode it on the weekend,Ran great. Started it this weekend warmed it up then shut it off by pulling the compression release as he has done many times before. Checked the oil. It was a little low, added oil then it wouldn't start again. Noticing also that it lost the hard spot in the kicker. Does this mean I lost valve adjustment that fast? Or do I have a intake problem with the carb? So this is what I have checked so far. I replaced and checked fire at plug=Good I Pulled valve cover and checked cam timing=Good I checked compression release return on shim hat=Good I checked fuel flow to carb=Good I Pulled air filter and it is clean=Good I pulled plug and tried to hold rubber sealed compression gage to hole but it is to deep for my Gage. I don't have the right thread for my snap on Gage. However it does seem to have compression. But no stop at TDC with the kicker. So I ask does anyone have the magic answer? Its just funny that the kicker lost TDC stop.