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  1. Replace it but when you get rid of your old one, do the other step most forget. Destroy it. Cut it in half. You dont want to just throw it out and have someone else think its a perfectly good helmet.
  2. Xerious

    Desert 100 Iron Man - w/Pictures

    It was actually done twice a year back at Mattawa, but that was during the 70's. There was a Spring and Fall race.
  3. Xerious

    Beverly Sand Dunes???

    I have been told it applies at the Dunes in Beverly and it is well posted there.
  4. The bridge was used for the race only. The poker run never crosses Crab Creek, so you might not of seen it if thats the only event you did. It was one of the best bridges I have seen put together with old railroad ties, a couple bent up 40' irragation pipes, and some plywood. You cant see it in the picture, but just off the left side of it, there was a spot you could cross the creek without the bridge, but you get really wet. I crossed there on Tuesday when they were building it after checking markings on that north side of the course.