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  1. wired9669

    New Bike Input ..... plz.

    i own the ssr and its a great bike its built really well other then it has a cheap air filter on it but once thats fixed your good to go i have not had mine for long but as far as i can tell its built really well
  2. wired9669

    PROBLEM with ssr

    i think sumthin was stuck in my fuel filter once it was blew out with sum air bike ran great again:applause:
  3. wired9669

    PROBLEM with ssr

    it was running great last night then today i started it up let it warm up for about 2mins and when i starded to ride it it was sputtering like crazy i noticed there was gas dripping from the air filter also ne help would be awseom
  4. wired9669

    SSR pit bikes

    Id like as much info as posible..... are they good relighable bikes?
  5. wired9669

    Got my self a rocket

  6. wired9669

    Got my self a rocket

    well i havent got to really try it out i just took it for a rip up and down my road i did find a diference in power and i also found that it takes a bit longer for the bike to top out. My bike pulls fair amount more from bottem right through to the top i love it as far as sound goes...... yeh its loud but in my opinion it sounds better then fmf or PC
  7. wired9669

    Got my self a rocket

    just got my self a rocket on my bike now i just need to go ride it ill post pics with it soon
  8. wired9669

    06 Sub Frame! Help!

    watch ebay
  9. wired9669

    Best Fuel for High Comp Piston

    run vp u4
  10. wired9669

    HELP!! My KX250F is F'ing up!!

    my bike did the same thing just take the carb apart and clean every littl piece u should be good to go
  11. wired9669

    guys show me your kawasakis

    i love this post it never ends
  12. wired9669

    Best Fuel for High Comp Piston

    i like black grips
  13. wired9669

    James Bubba Stewart

    well to be fast you gotta be cocky if you dont have that in you then your not gunna get far james just has shit for luck. lets face it hes what makes the racing interesting i wouldnt want to race with him but hes great entertainment thats what hes paid to do entertain go fast and show off all his sponsors as far as the hole laying on the groud i have to agree with the fact he over did that it couldnt have been that bad if he's riding this weekend.... i actualy cant belive how many people are against him
  14. why does every one hate him so much ..... every one messes up once and a while but on all diferent sites people are saying how bubba is the bad guy ..... when your trying to go as fast as you can you cant be smooth and not ever hit ne one or mess up the worst part is james wrote a letter to racer x and twmx apologizing for what he did to ivan and preston ... personly i think preston is a ass hole for going up to james when hes laying on the groud in pain he could of waited to talk to him about it later when hes not laying on the ground in pain from what happen but thats just me