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  1. roadrunner4691

    some drz questions

    Hi guys, I am looking at getting a drz400 as a suplemental transportaiton device for school and fun also beacause my jeep gets about 12 mpg. I enjoy offroad exploring so I am interested in the dual sport idea. I was wondering if it is popular to buy the drzE and convert it to street legal. The reason being that the "E" looks to be slightly better from performance standards and still has the battery to run the lights. Anyone done this? How is the gearing between the two? Or would it just be easier to get the factory dual sport for $400 more. Also what kind of range do these bikes have? I'm guessing power is around 30-35 horse? how many miles are these bikes usually good for? thanks.
  2. roadrunner4691

    california drz400e difference

    Hey, I see that the california 400e now comes with a 36mm cv type carb instead of the slightly bigger fcr carb. Why is this? are there any other differences for california? like compression...
  3. roadrunner4691

    Old School yami It 175

    thanks, do you think i should mess with the bottom end at all or just try the top end for now?
  4. roadrunner4691

    XR250 weight

    is there any articles about shaving weight on an xr 250? thanks
  5. roadrunner4691

    xr250 power question

    thanks guys, i think im going to buy it.
  6. roadrunner4691

    Old School yami It 175

    I just got an early 80's it175 for free, but the thing has now power. Anyone know where i can get parts for one of these things? anyone one know what kinda power they should be making when in good working order? thanks
  7. roadrunner4691

    xr250 power question

    OK I can get an almost new 2003 xr250 for 2000, I believe this to be a good deal, however I'm hesitant because of the lack of power. I have been told the xr250 make 19.whatever horses. can i get this up to 25-26? if so with what? pipe? came? anyone make a bigger carb? or should i just get a 250f? i ride mostly steep rutted rocky trails, with a few fire roads. thanks