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  1. Robert Field

    header paint

    I think the SUZUKI header pipe IS stainless...I just spray mine with WD40 ocassionally and it seems to stay black...I guees you could take it off and buff it out if you are really looking for something to do.. RCF
  2. Robert Field

    Chain guide(swing arm)

    I always thought the chain protector at the rear sprocket was to keep sticks branches and debris from getting between the chain and sprocket and jamming things up....no street bike has them and my DR used as a street bike no longer has one....never thought of it as a device to keep the chain from jumping off the rear sprocket (unless used off road)....am I confused?? RCF
  3. Robert Field

    How wide is to wide?

    ....IMHO 130 is too wide! Biker2
  4. Robert Field

    DR650 simple carb mods / jetting - how to procedure with photos here!

    .....lot of advice here for less than $15....
  5. Robert Field

    dr650 suspension and sprocket for dirt

    320drivr..sounds as if a trials bike might ticket for your type of riding. The gear box is designed for a crawl to 40/50 mph. The DR is a steet bike with some dirt genes in its' heritage (IMHO)
  6. Robert Field

    130/80 rear tire

    ....went from a 130/80 GRIPSTER to a 120/90 DISTANZIA and I feel the bike is much better in the turn in ....just quicker handling (AVON does make a 120/90 DISTANZIA) think it came from competition accessories
  7. Robert Field

    New master link retainer clip

    matt; I am trying to see grooves in the pins where a clip would seat, but I can't.....are you sure the pins are not hollow and expanded slightly to retain the side plate...ie: a riveted type master link???
  8. Robert Field

    Wider Rear Tire

    .....had a i30/80 GRIPSTER on my DR....got a bit over 3000 miles virtually all street...gripped and handled well...replaced with a 120/90 DISTANZIA, and wow!...marked improvement in nimbleness and turn in. For all street I highly advise the narrower tire. No advantage to a wider tire on a bike this light. a narrow tire just handles better. Biker 2
  9. Robert Field

    Stainless steel header

    ...isn't the stock header stainless???....and,..why would anyone want a larger pipe??
  10. Robert Field


    ....same crankcase...same oil.....the DR will buck and snatch some if you try to run below 55 to 60 mph in 5 th gear ..I never shift into 5 th below those speeds if I expect any smoothnes or power.
  11. Robert Field

    DR650 rear tire options

    ...just ordered a 120/90sb-17 DISTANZIA from motorcycle accessory warehouse ($95 I think) ..I have an AVON GRIPSTER 130/80 on now and in street riding I can use all of the 90/90 front, but have the last row of knobs untouched on the rear...I think this means the profile is too rounded because the bead is pinched in the too narrow rim??? ...any way, I will try stock size next Robert. B]
  12. Robert Field

    Help Wanted

    ..so far it's AVON two to one...can't find a PIRELLI in 120/90-17 I have GRIPSTERS on now but wear looks to be an issue with hard street use. Was hoping a street tire would last better under those conditions. ....a little afraid of MAXXIS, but that's because I have never had them probably. Just doesn't seem you can get equal quality for half the price. Maybe the tire companies have just trained us that way Thanks
  13. Robert Field

    Help Wanted

    ...advice/experience with 100 % street rubber in stock 120/90 sizes ...handling and cornering a priority ...was comparing AVON AM26 with BRIDGESTONE BT 45 ...your experience and recommendations with these or others would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Robert
  14. Robert Field

    Best Brand of Sprockets?

    JT sprockets.....www.multisurfacemotorcycling.com Good source for some DR parts
  15. Robert Field

    Foot Peg Lowering??

    ...that looks like the way to go Max...thanks for the photos Robert