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  1. Does anyone know of any good riding up in Oakhurst, Ca. going there in a couple of weeks. Have to get my fix can't go a week without riding. Since you all seem to know about the piutes and the greenhornes (where I spend most my weekends) Maybe you can help me out. Thanks
  2. I was just there over the weekend.Trails are open Lower bear trap / upper bear trap, dark canyon, creek trail, lack of navel intelagence,Shirley Meadows, South lake trail, Evens, all open good to go. Ground is great!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Trials tires are the best for rocks. I use the IRC. Just remember because the side wall is softer then the nobbies you may get flats easier, actually you will! be aware. They also don't seem to handle as well in the deep sand, or mud. But they last three times longer. I go through two rear tires a month with nobbies, trials tire last two to three months. Not bad! big savings $$$ always a good thing.
  4. My friend and I are going to Oakhurst may 20th thru 27th. Looking to hook up with some riders or get somet trail info. Woods are the best but any riding is good riding. Please, if you know of any riding up there please let me know. Thanks