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  1. I live in Brookfield, Oh. and have a DS 525. I rode ANF twice in 08 and will try to get there this year too. Kind of hard to find the time with work and a 20 month old baby and my wife is due in March with our daughter so this summer's going to busy as well. I would like to try and do some local DS rides if we can get together. I know I talked to OHIOPT before on KTMTALK.COM but we never hooked up. Maybe try to meet some of you local DS riders this summer and try some new riding areas. P.S. I have my DS 525exc for sale if you guys know of anyone interested. Check classifieds here or KTMTALK.COM.Thanks
  2. We're riding at Marienville PA. on june 9 if anyone is interested in going. It's going to be bikes and quads.
  3. We're heading to Marienville PA. on June 9 if anyone is interested. Bike and quad group.
  4. I'm a member of the Mercer County ATV Traction Club and we're having a Jamboree May 19 at Yankee Lake in Brookfield, OH. Come on out and have great day of atv fun! See attached flyer. _________________
  5. I'm a member of the Mercer County ATV Traction Club and we're having a Jamboree May 19 at Yankee Lake in Brookfield, OH. Come on out and have great day of atv fun! See attached flyer. _________________
  6. Sounds good, we'll be there friday and saturday night. We pretty much have everything at Katheryn's rented so just ask around and I should be there or someone will know where I'm at. I'm staying in Kottage #5.
  7. I don't know about hotel info, you'll have to check the website( and see what's available. Like I said we're staying at Katheryn's Kabins and Big Earl's is just down the road if you want to camp. I'll be on my KTM 525, street legal kit with Ohio plate,orange plastic,large black tank and black headlight. We'll probably be on the trail by 9-10 saturday morning, so look for us when you guys get on the trail.
  8. We're heading down to the Little Coal River trailhead Friday morning(Mar 30) and coming home Sunday(Apr 1). It's about a 4.5 hour drive from the Youngstown area. We're staying in cabins at Katheryn's Kabins and some guys are camping out at Big Earl's Campground. Your welcome to meet up with us and ride. We're in the 35-45 year old range and just enjoy trail riding, we're not racers and we have four dirt bikes(one guy just learning to ride) and about 10-12 quad guys(mostly 4x4). Your on your own for finding a place to sleep but we're meeting at the Flying J in Hubbard right off of I-80 Friday at 8:00am. Let me know if your interested.
  9. We usually go down the first week of May every year and it's 65-75 degrees in the day and 40's at night which is good for hanging out around a campfire. I also heard it could get pretty humid in July/August time frame and that means bugs. We're going down to Little Coal River March 30-April 1 for a weekend get away, they say it's in the high 50-mid 60's that time of year so it should be pretty comfortable riding but the nights get chilly.
  10. I'm speechless:confused:
  11. I ran Kenda Trak Master II rear and Pirelli Scorpion Pro front and it was a good set up. My friend ran the AC-10 and they seemed to wear quicker. I never heard of Kings Tire.
  12. We'll be at Oak Tree around 10:00. I drive a silver chevy crew cab, 525 with black tank and black headlight. see you there.
  13. What's your riding level? Trail riders or racers? I'm 35 years old and can't afford to go to wellsville and kill myself climbing some of those insane hills.
  14. I might be interested if I can get the day off from work. What time and where are you parking? I usually park at Oak Tree.