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  1. i pulled the front tire off to get a new tire put on.. i put the wheel back on.. and now the front brake wont bind on the disc.. it's like the pads arent centered correctly and it only pulls the disc to one side, any help would be much appreciated
  2. Yamota

    86 DR200 engine swap?

    did you ever get this done? got pics or a how to? trying to do same thing
  3. Yamota

    1983 DR125, what to do?

    I just picked up a parts bike, let me know if you need anything http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=871323
  4. yeah, definitely trying to keep the motor tame. I'll start messing with this motor for a 'hobby' and keep an eye out for the 200. Wish I could get one of those new 200s out of that chinese knock off. If anyone is needing parts, I've got parts, and maybe the motor.
  5. motor seems nice and clean inside. I guess this is my new project motor. Going to yank it and tear it down and figure out from you all which whats to put on it, 230, 160, etc.. has anyone had any luck with the 200 motor without having to cut the frame or something. One guy said he just had to cut the top motor mount but never posted any details. Should I just look out for a 200 motor. This is going to be the gfs dual sport because she wont ride anything bigger/heavier so this is what i'm working with and need it to be able to get on a highway, not long distance but would like it to be able to keep up with traffic without having to kill it. And I like tinkering with cheap stuff to learn how to work on more expensive stuff later
  6. it may be an sp125, I just got back with it, melting the ice off of it right now and will tinker with it all night - my new project. What's different with the SP? I may have some parts for sale too if anyone is needing something specific.
  7. My gf has an '03 DR-Z 125L, I am slowly starting to get it ready to tag for dual-sporting. I have found a 1985 DR125S for $60. It should have the speedo, stator and wiring harness. Also, it appears to have the 6-speed. Is this the one to get to make the DRZ a 6-speed. Am I correct on the wiring stuff too? Thanks $60
  8. Yamota

    Cost to rebuild motor

    cool, will just check bearings while in there. Maybe get those one valves that everyone seems to like if needed... sweet bike though, love it, love the motor, love the handling, fat a$$ supspension has saved my butt a few times already... we're drinkin buddies now, I have beer and it gets oil.
  9. DAMIT JIM YOU JUST NEED MORE BIKES... I have a 525, buddy has a 300 so I get to ride both. I'm not fast and dont race. The biggest difference I can tell is that the 300 keeps you a lot busier. The cat that owns the local KTM joint swears by the 200 for racing and was pretty keen on the new Husaberg, was all he could talk about, said it was an effortless bike, did everything. I'm thinking of picking up a used 200 since I cant yet afford a 690 for adventure work. My buddy that has the 300 has 5 bikes in his garage and that what he would tell you also... a bike for everything. AND, I will be a witness - the 300 is amazingly torquey, (not sure how to spell that) it has hauled me up a 500 climb with my feet dragging and about to fall off the seat, super low RPMs, can't believe it didn't stall, and all I could do was grab a handful of throttle and it chug,chug,chugged on up... mmmmm, beeeeeer, who said chug. Doh
  10. Yamota

    DR125 dualsport : Cheap Big Bore and mods

    chete, talk to us man! we need more info and pictures. Email me those pictures and I will post them for you. I've searched and searched and cannot find that motor for sale. You should do a write up on this and post it. Awesome though, I have been checking out that motor.
  11. Yamota

    Cost to rebuild motor

    thank you all very much, I feel much better and will get into the top and tighten things up and replace the cam bearing while there, and check the crank nut also...
  12. Got an '87 TT-225 for a loaner/beater bike for cheap. Previous owner used some type of gasket sealant (from a tube) to seal the bowl on. Gas melted the stuff, its everywhere, spent countless hours trying to clean it out, bike still wont run, bowl keeps leaking out hose, float seems to work fine. Can't find a rebuild kit. Stock carb is a 26mm teikei, which is hard to find. Should I just get any ole 26mm to replace it? I'd like to go to a salvage yard and get one, don't really want to pay more for a carb than I did the bike. Or can I get one off of an XT225 which is the same motor but has a 34mm carb.
  13. Yamota

    ethenol gasoline?

    stations here are required by law to state if gas isn't 100% pure, and when that happened it changed up everything. ethanol stuff got a lot cheaper, and its nice to know what you're getting. Even the walmarts here have 100% gas for cheaper than most 90/10 stuff. I have my favorite shell station for my bikes that keeps 100% 103 octane and every bike in town pulls up there. we have great gun laws too
  14. Yamota

    Yamaha Cross Reference.. I can help (still)

    got that computer up yet? I have an 87 TT225, carb is wasted, someone put gasket material in it (from a tube) and its all nasty... was wondering what carbs are interchangable...
  15. Yamota

    Mile Counter Cable Location

    just get a trailtech and all of these problems will be solved, just dont get the one for factory wiring! http://trailtech.net/computers.html