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  1. HIX

    Horses, not Zebras

    I just figured I would pass along a troubleshooting experience that ended with a hand-smack-head moment. A 8-10 months ago I had wired up dual HID lamps in a cyclops headlight and added a handlebar control switch for the headlight, turnsignals (2001 400e ). Everything was good up till a month ago when the high beam started winking out every now and then on deceleration. So I pulled everything apart and changed the individual plugs going from the the bike side to the headlights to a 4flat trailer wire connector. That seemed to solve the issue for a week or so. Then it came back but now the low beam also started winking out. The lowbeam HID lamp and 10W running lamp wired to the stock "always on with key" hot and ground. The HID high beam lamp was wired to a relay triggered by the highbeam switch on the control unit and had a seperate hot and ground run directly from the batt. But what drove me crazy about it was when the bike was parked in the garage running or not the damn thing worked flawlessly, but once underway the lights would wink or simply just turn off for good and every now and then the bike would stutter. If I stopped and turned off the bike and I started the bike again it would "fix" the issue for a little wire. To add another mind bender the 10w running lamp which is tied into the exact same two wires as the lowbeam HID always stayed lit. A couple days ago I got pissed off and took off all the various blade style connectors and soldered the wires and also soldered the blades to the relay for the hibeam. Problem solved. Or so I thought. I was driving to a work yesterday and the light went out on both hi and low and the bike started sputtering when @ high RPMs. Now I am losing it and about to toss it in the ditch and walk away...Is it my stator? If that was the case why can I turn it off and everything is magically fixed for 1/4 mile? Long story short.... Loose Positive lead bolt on battery Stuck check valve on gas tank vent line Horses not zebras horses not zebras horses not zebras
  2. I have index marks I put on the fork legs and clamps when I first picked up the bike and they are still lined up. It's an old habit that I do to all my bikes when I first pick them up since I have zero faith in my ability to eyeball the straightness of the forks
  3. HIX

    how hot do motorcycle cases get?

    Not sure about line-x but herc is good up to 250 or so before it becomes easy to scrape off and get stinky. I had to take some off a floorpan I was repairing and it was a bitch
  4. HIX

    High-speed extreme wobble

    The fact that it hits at a specific speed to me indicates the tire is out of balance. I had an issue with an oscilation that would I could feel go side to side and front to back that turned out to be a tire just slightly out of balance in the rear that would only appear when I hit 75+mph. Fixing that and swapping out the front fender has me rock solid up to 90mph. Does sitting further forward or back on the bike make a difference? Do your head bearings have any play? Or of course it could be that you have found the resonant frequency of the bike and your new fatter self.
  5. I think my pro-taper cr hi-bend se left bar might have bent in a bit...but I can't really tell since it doesn't appear tweaked...it just doesn't "feel" right but it could be just because the shoulder on that side is tweaked. I dunno. I guess I'll have to rip everything off the bars and set it on the bench to be able to tell for sure...or just get used to it
  6. HIX

    how hot do motorcycle cases get?

  7. HIX

    how hot do motorcycle cases get?

    I agree...although I would use herc cause you can do it yourself and it sticks to anything...case in point...plastic gas tanks...
  8. HIX

    Shipping forks

    why not compress them with a ratchet strap to reduce the dimensions and save money on shipping?
  9. HIX

    broken piece on bike

    I have a coolant tank someone can have if they need it for the price of shipping.
  10. That would be me. You'll have to let me know next time you guys head up and play. I woulda stopped to chat but the wiff had sent me out to pick up some eggs for the hunt and I had to be back by 11:30.
  11. HIX

    new headlamp lighting

    Well with relays and proper wires you could run the two 55w HIDs, and be well under the output of the stator but I decided not to push my luck and stuck with 35w which is more than bright enough.
  12. HIX

    Longer suspension?

    Toss em in a box and mail them to me...I'll send you back my E forks...problem solved
  13. HIX

    new headlamp lighting

  14. I went down. I decided to take a sunday ride up Lookout Mountain rd on Sunday and all was well till one of the cyclists coming down the inside lane went wide on the last big 130deg left hander before you get to the top and I had to take it to the shoulder to avoid a head on. Unfortunately for me the shoulder is a foot of sand followed by a 1.5ft deep ditch followed by a rock wall. I was able to keep it out of the ditch until just before the exit at which point I slid in and hit the rock wall. For a split second I thought I was going to be able to keep it upright and just stop in the ditch. That was followed closely by the realization that I had just been highsided into the air after the rebound from the rockwall sent the bike into the side of the ditch. I landed on my hands and knees around the double yellow which quickly turned into short shoulder, knee, face slide. To add insult to injury just as I was stopping the bike smacked into me. All in all I was actually surprised how well the bike held up. One of my handguards is ground down halfway thru the metal, my kickstand, rear axle bolt and chain guide also got ground down a bit. I picked it up, told the 5 cyclists that got to see the magic show that I was OK, helped the cyclist pull himself out of the snow bank that he was lucky enough have slow his roll and went up the hill to nurse my wounds. by the time I got to the top I realized I had messed up my shoulder pretty good and had some road rash on my knees even thou the pants did thier job and didn't tear. coulda been worse. be careful out there
  15. I am not exactly a tree hugger but even I think doing this in a lake is stupid as s%!t. It's a cool parlor trick and cool when done in a pool but some kid trying it in a lake and polluting thousands of gallons water by dumping his bike with a full tank of gas into the watershed? Honestly? Call me a towel sucking commie pinko bastard but that's a d!@k move