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  1. What do you want for the XR100 engine you have in your garage?
  2. Yep, the only request from my son was that he wanted the bike "blue". And since this bike started w/o bodywork, it was easy to make it happen!
  3. About a month ago I posted about needing parts for my son's CRF50 I was building him......here's the link....http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=361479 And now....the "Maiden Voyage".....what a great time he has been having on his new fiddy. He started on a PW50 and was at the stage of needing something more, add in shifting and the 4-stroke to the equation and you have a son that is very satisfied! Thanks for all who helped with parts!
  4. Here are photos in build progression. Pile of parts.... On the stand with forks installed.... With wheels and brakes installed.... Almost finished.....