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  1. JMB450

    Woods riding question

    Haha, yeah. Gotta love ridin'. There's an old drag racers saying I modified to suit dirt bikes. There's no replacement for butt placement.
  2. JMB450

    Woods riding question

    I don't know much about suspension settings, but if there will be any rocks or hard edged hits you want at least 12 PSI in the tires. Any lower than that and you're really risking a pinch flat. Generally (not always) if it's going to be sandy you want a little less pressure, if it's hard you want a little more. I've noticed a lot depends on rider preference too. I like keeping my front aired to like 13 Psi even in sand. If I use much less it feels slow reacting to me. Some guys like running 11 in sand and 14 in hard stuff. It's probably one of those get out there and try it things.
  3. JMB450

    New flywheel , what weight?

    I had the same thing happen to my 450 when I wrecked in the rocks in CO. I think my replacement was a +5 oz. It seems like it made the bottom end feel a little more robust and gave it a more tractable transfer from the low end to being "on the cam." I'm not sure, but I'd imagine on that big 525 with that much extra flywheel weight it'd probably have similar effects.
  4. I'd go with the friends house thing. I heard of a family who had theirs in storage and they were all stolen. The worst part is, they think the operators may have had something to do with it! I wouldn't trust storing it in a garage owned by someone I've never met. I'd sleep much happier knowing it was with a family member or close friend. I'd still invest in a cable lock or something if it were at a friends.
  5. JMB450

    Woods riding question

    I think a lot of it is just getting used to the terrain. I got used to riding here in OK, but when I go back to my birth town and ride out there, it feels like my bike has two flats. Once I ride around and get used to it and learn to compensate for the soil again, I don't even realize the difference. My bike is a totally stock 450 E/XC save some headwork and guards. I've been running a Dunlop 737 Desert AT rear and a Pirreli MT18 front both at around 12-14 PSI. I don't really change it from that much. I havn't even messed with my clickers yet, just added a heavier fork oil when my seals leaked. I subscribe to the 80% rider 20% bike theory, or whatever it is. As far as technique goes, if the bike is sliding around I try to stand up more and ride a little loose and let it. I always look for things on the sides of the trails, ruts, or even natural shapes that will catch the tires should I slide too much in a corner. I always try to put extra weight on the outside peg (and seat if I'm sitting) when I'm riding somewhere I think I may lose traction. Hope I made sense and gave you some helpfull info! John Bradford OCCRA #72 AA/Expert
  6. JMB450

    whoops and sand

    That looks just like the track OCCRA had at Woodward Sunday. Sand, sand and more sand!