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  1. ALVEY

    Dirtbike heaven?

    Nor Cal
  2. I recently bought a 2006 yz250f. I noticed after i had bought it that one of the fork seals was liking. I got the seals replaced at a local shop, and then put the forks back on the bike. Went to the track and the suspension felt a little stiff so i adjusted the compression 3 clicks softer (as was advised by my racer buddy). It felt much better for the rest of the day (probably 1.5 of riding). When i took my bike out the track again (a week later) the suspension still felt good but they were acting weird, as i would come off a jump the suspension would like extend and then roughly stop, like if your suspension could "bottom out" when the suspension was extending. I really dont know how to explain it but it feels bad. I have my rebound set one click from all the way soft. Any ideas? ALVEY
  3. My 06 is pritty nice, just picked her up a few days ago ALVEY
  4. ALVEY

    Couple pics of my 150R..

    THE DMC EXAUST FOR THE 150R is SOOOO much tighter. I just got one for my 150r big wheel and its a fire breather now.
  5. RV hit J Law with the bike and then tackled him but after that its just J law throwing blows into RV neck. RV is a little girl in comparison to J law. Someday J law will beat RV and it will all be resolved. Just impressed that he could hold off the "god-like" RV for multible laps even if he was riding dirty. Just goes to show that J Law is faster than everyone thinks.
  6. ALVEY

    Honda vs. Honda

    Pritty crazy to think that a 125 only put out 21.7hp in 1974.
  7. After looking over the aftermarket pipe market i found a DMC Afterburner Comp4 to be the pipe i was looking for. Has a removable quiet incert so that i can ride at 96 in the woods and 102dB around my house and at the track. It also has a spark arrestor so i think im gona go that route. Thanks for the help.
  8. I was wondering if the White Brothers XCR pipe or the E2 pipe provides more hp and torque for the 150R. Does anybody know where i can get the White brothers graphics for the 150R? I see them but there not avalible on the white brothers site. Thanks 2007 CRF150R
  9. i got a 2006 pitster pro x2. the thing has tons of power and is crazy fast for a pit bike, but i have one problem. my front forks are really f'ed up and have been sence i got it. they compress normaly but when it comes to rebounding it takes like 3 seconds to return back to the normal hight without any weight on the bike at all. its really weird and i know very little about suspension. If anyone knows what the problem is let me know. Thanks.
  10. ALVEY


    well i held my wheelie for about 300ft justin poped up his up for about .003 sec on his under powerd crf450r. just couldent hold with my 02 yz250f (gotta be that beastly R4 pipe)
  11. ALVEY


    That is the uglist crf450r i have ever seen! but thats one sweet yz250f.
  12. ALVEY

    Spark arrestor for X2 pipe?

    any body found an aftermarket spark arestor that will fit a pitster pro x2 and not take to much power away. if so give me a website and tell me how you put it in.
  13. ALVEY

    who all is running a gpx motor ?

    I gots one in my Pitster Pro X2. It owns
  14. I just called outlaw and asked and yes they are still doing it and i think im going to go with the x2 worth the extra dollar
  15. i hurd that you can get a cnc oil cooler for ur pit bike when you order from outlaw powersports if you tell them you are a TT member. Anyone know if this is true or is it something else or what is the deal cuz i want to buy one but want to get all the freebies i can. oh an the bike im gona buy is a Pitster pro 125x