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  1. koobeeny

    KTM Plate Revoke List

    Mine - 2003 525EXC platedsince I bought it 3 years ago.
  2. koobeeny

    Eddiville GP Question - Debbie - Scoot?

    300XCW Hands down! You'll never regret it.
  3. koobeeny

    2007 Desert 100 Pics Thread

    Hey, my good buddy Ryan just rode his first event as well. It was the dual sport and he did it on an 82' XL250. BOOM!
  4. koobeeny

    2007 Desert 100 Pics Thread

    Not sure exactly but he was in the top 25.
  5. koobeeny

    2007 Desert 100 Pics Thread

    I was a member of the Stumpjumpers in 2004 and the first sweep rider on the scene with that guy. Stayed with him till the chopper took him. I saw a photo of him at a meeting the following month, he was pretty banged up. I remember looking through his tool pack for ID after he was being taken care of by the medics and the only thing I found was a leaky Budweiser.
  6. koobeeny

    2007 Desert 100 Pics Thread

    Face plant, I guess. The black eye results from general trauma to the left side of my head. I didn't contact anything through my helmet, just the force of hitting the ground on my left side. I was 6th gear across a field to get around someone and just after cutting back in I bobbled a small rock that knocked me into a much larger and more stationary rock. Hanlebars locked left and I was slapped to the ground. Moderate concussion, some deep tissue bruises on my left thigh, sprained neck, and some cuts from my safety glasses. Thursday now and I'm back at work and soaking up the muscle relaxants and anti-inflamatories. My Fly-lite helmet has a nice chunk out of the left side at about the temple so I'm sure that's where I smacked. Good excuse to get a new helmet.
  7. koobeeny

    2007 Desert 100 Pics Thread

    Yep, but even after a front flat about mile 20 Weber was 59th or 60th when he hit the pits. Man that guy is fast for a 48 year old!
  8. koobeeny

    2007 Desert 100 Pics Thread

    Here's my photo after the race. I was out cold for a few minutes but then a check point guy picked me up and got me safely back. I can't say I finished the race after that but since it took a while to realize it was Sunday and I was in a race.....well. Thanks Stumpjumpers for the great event. Thanks Don "crash" Larson for helping me through the girls trail next to the river!
  9. Thanks for the info, and tell Rob and Sandi that Chuck says Hi
  10. I purchased a 2002 MXC400 from a dealer and did not get an owner's manual. Can someone tell me where the filter is? Thanks in advance
  11. OK, here is my 2 cents worth. Oh, and what was the deal with the start (Don, you must know)? I heard one little midget sized toot of a horn, then I see a bunch of guys start running, then I hear Darci yelling "go you guys, go", so I start running too........then my bike wouldn't start....so, oh well......10 seconds later she fires and my 4 hour ordeal is underway...GREAT RACE, TONS-O-FUN! Here's four for the suggestion box: 1. No pit bikes. 2. No riding after dark (used to be a rule, needs enforcement) 3. Preregistration, preregistration, preregistration 4. Supervised, separate, cordoned off kids riding area with 19" wheel limit GREAT JOB STUMPJUMPERS , I MISS YOU GUYS (well most of you)! Chuck
  12. koobeeny

    Number of people in Desert 100 race?

    652 was the official number from the ladies at sign-up. Remember, the mini's race on Saturday used the bib numbers from 600 to 800, so those numbers were skipped when they were signing up racers for Sunday.