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  1. I don't think you'll find those maps extremely helpful. They tend to send you to some pretty boring trails. Check with the shops there. You also have Government Draw towards Lander, but I didn't find it very interesting. Check the listings here in W2Ride.
  2. If you go down the list here for "Where to ride" you can get directions to Government Draw riding area which is near Lander. I didn't find it extremely challenging but it's easy to reach and legal!
  3. " If our government has any sense what-so-ever, this won't last long..." If you are expecting sense and government to co-exist, you're living in another dimension. Those terms are mutually exclusive to them!
  4. I'm not that close (Wyoming) but I've been through mine a bit to get it set for the altitude. PM me if you have any questions.
  5. You might want to do a search on oil. There have been many threads.
  6. I'm liking my MSR winter gloves(forgot the model.) But with the deflectors and the gloves, I'm good.
  7. I found that if you back off your compression (the top adjustment) on your shock, you will just float through rocks. I rode with a friend in the Big Horns and one section was essentially rock to rock and after the adjustment, it was amazing how smoothly the XR handled the terrain. I have never been on anything better.
  8. +1 Just did that with mine. You will need those numbers and they will match them perfectly....at least it worked for me!
  9. You will probably want to check out Tower city. I had friends who raved about it, but i never got there myself. There are also some MX tracks with trial riding in the area as well as another off-road park. I don't recall the name but if you look up the AMA District there, I think there are some links.
  10. When all else fails.....read the directions. Look at the header above: WR Modification Database. Have fun!
  11. With enough power, you can make a barn door fly---but why would you want to do that? Is there something wrong with the carb? Is it the same size? Other wise you'll lose power. Then you'll have to find jetting that works. Better to get it jetted right. That thing pulls down and it revs. No need for anything else.
  12. Just how accurate are the marks on the cam sprocket? I just finished putting rings in a '98 250. When i reassembled, at the "T" mark, the lines were not parallel to the head. I decided the sprocket was a tooth off, so i rotated back. Now the lines are close to parallel, but tilted up in front slightly. It started on the first kick, and runs fine, but doesn't seem to rev as before. Of course that could be because it has compression now! Thoughts?
  13. "I'm not sure 'reliable' has the same meaning when people use it in reference to old-school motorsickles. The same people are always wistfully remembering all those fouled plugs, stuck rings, broken rods, shattered pistons, cracked frames, etc.... " llamaface: Unless you had a Maico or early Japanese, they really didn't fall apart like that. I never had a catastrophic failure on any Penton or KTM except when I fell in a dry lake (don't ask) and couldn't get back in time to close the throttle stuck wide open in the lake bed. That 175 would go anywhere you wanted to go. The biggest problem back then was the crappy brakes of the era!
  14. Easy: set the sag for you, get your tire pressures set and ride. If you are new, there is a lot more power than you really need, so you just need to work on technique.
  15. Don't forget to look at the ads: that is what pays for everything, all those accessories. So they will try to help sell them by finding "flaw" which need to be fixed with gizmos and shiny doo-dads. I'll bet those anodized oil caps really cut the lap times!