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  1. Miklos

    2010 DR650 (what are they gonna add)

    Back on topic, I would like either a 6 speed with a real low 1st gear, or a two speed tranny, and a tach. Keep it simple and cheap!
  2. Miklos

    2010 DR650 (what are they gonna add)

    Not a slam there Tweety. Just happen to own both bikes. Most Buell and HD are air cooled EFI motors. But I don't own either of those.
  3. Miklos

    How To Make An IMS Tank Look Good

    Beautiful setup!!! The translucent tank solves the two most important goals;1. holds 4.9 gallons of fuel 2.Allows you to see the fuel level so you can easily judge range while riding. All other aspects are not very important.
  4. Miklos

    2010 DR650 (what are they gonna add)

    Better tell that to BMW, Been FI many years on the big air cooled GS's.
  5. Miklos

    My speedo has crapped out

  6. Miklos

    Tire Change: DIY, or Shop job???

    Harbor Freight tire changer for me. Takes maybe an hour per set of tires including balancing. I think I payed $60 total for the tire changer, waiting for each part to come on sale. Locally for me, the best tire prices by far are in the shops with the highest mounting fees. Not to mention one time about five years ago when I had a local shop mount up a fresh set of Pilot Powers for a weekend ride on my ZX12R, they bent the crap out of one of the front rotors. When I went back and bitched to them saying they need to replace it, they tried to blame it on me. Finally the minimum wage earning pimply faced teeny bopper running the tire machine confessed, but didn't think a rotor bent 3/8" "was that bad". Been doing them myself ever since then.
  7. Miklos

    new stablemate for the DR

    Congratulations on the new bike! I recently added a stablemate also. Planning a trip to Alaska this summer and was only able to get two weeks off from work. That means I will really be pushing it every day on the mileage, so I decided to procure an '09 R1200GS Adv. If I could have got three weeks, the ol' DR would have been called to service. Up to this point it was the DR650 making the ZX12r jealous, but even now, it will still probably get the most miles.
  8. Miklos

    Which long range tank ?

    I've been getting a regular 240 miles out of my IMS 4.9 gallon tank. YMMV
  9. Miklos

    Kings vs Wings (KT-966 vs oem Trailwings)

    Long term report: Just removed the Kings KT966's at 7000 miles. They could have made it to 8K, but with the rainy season here, I wanted more wet traction. Yep, wet traction, the major drawback to these tires for me here in the Pacific NorthWET. Dry, these tries have real good traction and can be really pushed in the corners on asphalt. But as soon as its a little wet, watch out. If I lived in a dry area, I probably would replace with new 966's. I'm not "hard core" off road, but do play around the logging roads and clearcuts and they did fine there for a 50/50 tire. New tires are TKC80's.
  10. Miklos

    Dr 650 cuttin out

    But this is his sig line:
  11. Miklos

    Dr 650 cuttin out

    If it gets better when you clamp the tank between your knees, it could be the tank isn't getting enough ventilation????
  12. Yep, right about 80 is where you will begin to feel the effects of unbalanced or ill balanced tires.
  13. Miklos

    Buying new Tires

    I have the Kings 966's also. Their current mileage is at a little over 4k and I would say aver 60% tread remaining. They should see an easy 6k. Definately better than the Trailwing off the pavement. The Trialwing is better on road by a small margin for dry conditions and by a large margine for wet conditions. The Trailwings have great wet grip while the Kings can be felt "walkin" sideways in the corner, leaving you with no confidence. At this point, I will run another 966 rear when this one wears out.
  14. Miklos

    So who has a high compression piston kit???

    I don't have anything to offer as far as performance improvements, but just wanted to add that as you add compression, you also require higher octane fuel to aviod detonation. If you will be going to out of the way places that only have a single pump with 87 octane, it may not be the best idea. But if you always have access to premium, then enjoy your newly found power!
  15. Miklos

    dial a jet

    I have used a Holtzman ATACC that automaticaly compensates for temp and atmospheric changes, but it was on snowmobiles. It did work VERY well.