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  1. dnrtheil

    anywhere in MI that has safe ice to ride on?

    Not sure if you guys know Whiskey Creek has an ice oval. Stopped by this past Saturday for a snowmobile poker run. Track was open to the public. Might want to give them a call as I don't have any more details. Derek
  2. dnrtheil

    Baldwin camping? jeremey? Anyone?

    North Country is convenient as they have a trail right from the campground to Little Manistee, so if your bike is not plated this trail is a plus. The campground is O.K. Water and electric is shared with multiple sites, so pack a "Y" adapter for your water, maybe one for your electric or bring an extra cord. Sites are pretty decent in size, I get my 24' camper in without any problem. There are a few seasonal sites, none of which are taken care of too well. There is a dump station on site, there used to be a couple of showers on site also but since I have my own shower I have not used nor looked for the ones at the campground, they used to be located in the office/convenient store. Couple of years ago the campground was up for auction and it sold but the deal fell through. Last two times I stayed there for a weekend, I never did see any owner or manager, store/office was never open, I just found a spot Friday night, went on with my weekend, and late Sunday while leaving I stuck a few dollars in an envelope and put it in the office door. In closing the place is great for trail access, might never get anybody to answer the phone if you call. Might try this place Ann's Putman Lake 1-231-745-2621 http://www.putmanlake.com/ Owner lives on the property and is putting a lot of money back into the place. New power and water to each site. It's located just north of Baldwin but south of the tails. I have stayed there twice, the owner will talk your ear off. Then there are always the State campgrounds and one national forest campground, pit toilets, hand water pump, almost cost as much as a private campground, honor system for payment. Carrieville campground is right on the Little Manistee trail, it's nice and clean and there is a gas station you can ride to just a few blocks away. Derek
  3. dnrtheil

    Nuudle8 is hurt!

    Thanks for posting the information. Get well soon Mark. Derek
  4. dnrtheil

    Evart on a hot day

    Hi Mark, glad you still went for a ride. Thanks for the call Saturday, maybe next time. I'll be up in Baldwin camping with some snowmobile club members weekend of Sept 16th., I hope to have the YZ with me then. Derek
  5. dnrtheil

    Baldwin area report?

    Here is another web cam in Baldwin http://www.wolflakemotel.com/snow_report.htm I was snowmobiling in Cadillac last Saturday, by that time the snow had compressed to about 6". Derek
  6. dnrtheil


    Yep, on the snowmobile, my bike's (dirt, street, mountain) hibernate during the winter.
  7. dnrtheil


    Saw the sun Sunday in the Baldwin area, through my light sensitive goggles.
  8. dnrtheil

    Planning on riding on the Nov. 6th

    A Sunday ride is a go. Mark (Nuddle8) and I are meeting at Tin Cup at 10am. I rode Little "O" after Little Manistee, had just enough daylight to get back to the truck. Ready for supper and a shower. Derek
  9. dnrtheil

    Planning on riding on the Nov. 6th

    Little Manistee works for me (10am start, 16th st.), that gives me Sunday to ride Tin Cup with Mark (nuudle8) if does not make it up Saturday. I wouldn't mind riding Little "O" also, maybe after Little Manistee. Derek
  10. dnrtheil

    Planning on riding on the Nov. 6th

    I am ready to ride again! Just let me know where and when! I'll arrive in Baldwin Friday night, planning to ride both Saturday and Sunday. If your taking votes, I vote for Tin Cup as I have not ridden it yet this year. See ya - Derek
  11. dnrtheil

    Lincoln hills Sat. the 30th

    Thanks for letting me ride with you guys on Saturday. Weather was just about perfect. I stayed and rode almost all of Little Manistee, just as many trees down on that trail too. Drive home was rough, had to pull over a couple of times to rest my eyes. Derek
  12. dnrtheil

    Lincoln hills Sat. the 30th

    I was with last years ride, I'll be showing up for this ride as well. See you Saturday am. Derek
  13. dnrtheil

    recommend fav trails in Michigan

    There is a state forest campground in Carrieville. You can ride right from your camp site, trails cross the campground entrance road. There is also a campground just north of Baldwin "North Country". This place has a connector trail from the campground to the trails (very south end of Little Manistee) and is very laid back. Last time I was there (nov '09) I never did see anybody attending the office. I just left some money in an envelope in a drop box at the office door. If you stay at North Country, bring a "Y" adapter for your water hose as the water and electric is few and far. Derek
  14. I had a quart of oil go up in flames on my snowmobile, because I was storing it too close to the muffler. It melted the plastic container and leaked onto the exhaust. Derek
  15. I rode with a new pair of Tech 3's this past weekend (about 65 miles). Wish I would have seen this thread first. The Tech 3' are very comfortable on the foot compaired to my 16 year old Gaerne SX's, but the Tech's have almost zero flex at the ankle and the top of the boot does not fit tight aginst my leg which leaves about 3" of open boot at the top. Glad the trails were dry. The Tech 3's are going back! Off to find some SG10's. Derek