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  1. Stormlake

    My new 06 WR250f

    Hello rtdk, Thanks a lot for the tips! Did you change your carb jetting after doing the AIS removal kit? With regards to putting in a YZ250F exhaust cam, what will this improve on the bike's performance? Again, thank you and I apologize for all these noob questions I'm throwing at you.
  2. Stormlake

    My new 06 WR250f

    Hello everybody! i'm a newbie here at Thumpertalk and just got my 06 WR250F 2 months ago. I also want to do the mods i've read at Thumperfaq. i have several questions though, probably stupid questions actually, please bear with me guys as I am not a bike expert :-(. Here goes: 1. Will these modifications apply on the 06 WR250F? The bikes discussed on Thumpertalk are 02 up to 04 only I think. 2. Aside from the free mods, I've read something about replacing the exhaust cam with one from a YZ250F. Can I do this? Should I use an 06 YZ250F cam?