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  1. richy555

    WR250F Exhaust help please

    I have had similar problems trying to get one shipped to the UK for a reasonable price (shipping costs seem extreme from USA 2 UK) There is someone on ebay selling them regularly. item number..260432142803. He charges Aus $20 for shipping so approx £38 shipped to the UK.
  2. richy555

    can somebody who is a yamaha guru help me

    IMO i would have the bike taken back to the shop until the problem was rectified!
  3. richy555

    Sprocket questions, please help

    I have a 2006 model too and mine was fitted with 13/52.
  4. richy555

    GYTR insert available to UK?

    I put a search in google and that was one of the sites it returned lol. There is a guy from Oz selling them on ebay for $55 Aus with $20 Aus postage. He fabricates them himself. I would rather purchase a genuine yamaha one if possible. But if i cant get one shipped for a reasonable rate it looks like im gonna have to order from Oz.
  5. richy555

    GYTR insert available to UK?

    I wonder if someone would ship them if we ordered 2?
  6. richy555

    GYTR insert available to UK?

    I would like to buy the GYTR baffle as its quite a bit cheaper than the PMB one. Is anyone prepared to ship one to the uk for me? I have seen them for as little as $40.56 http://www.boats.net/parts/detail/Y-GYT-5TJ93-75-01.html but cant get it shipped
  7. Hi. Just wondering if anyone knows who would ship a GYTR insert to the UK? I have contacted a couple of suppliers who said they would not ship to UK, others wanted silly money to post $50-$70 Could anyone help me out here or does anyone have one for sale for a reasonable price with reasonable shiping costs? Hope someone can help as this Arrow exhaust that is fitted is too noisy! Thanks in advance