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  1. bump this thread
  2. There is plenty of time left to make plans to attend , don't be left at home next weekend come to the THUNDER X
  3. Sign ups are from 12-4pm and practice starts at 4:15 so come checkout the biggest midwest Race ever-
  4. Thunder X 2006 Saturday Nov. 11 Durant Oklahoma-checkout www.ceuinc.net for info -tons of prizes for Ams and big $$$ for pros
  5. bump this for the masses
  6. the track will be sick and the purse is paid out thru 8th I can't wait
  7. come on pit racers, this will be the best indoor track with the most cash on the line until Vegas
  8. bump this thread
  9. Did I mention the $8000 Pro purse-and all the cool prizes in the amatuer classes
  10. bump this up top-for all to see
  11. I pity the fool who misses this race
  12. This race is gonna kick ass
  13. the last big race of the year, looks to be huge-we have had entries from Vegas, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and there is still 3 weeks to get registered. for all the race info go to www.ceuinc.net
  14. Its getting closer and I can't wait !!!
  15. I forgot to mention this is a indoor arena-